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Brent Fikowski

This is a 6 week program, created to work on improving the Butterfly pull-up. 3 sessions a week for 18 total sessions.

3 sessions per week
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Program Training
Improved Coordination
Without proper coordination, the butterfly pull up is not possible! In a progressive manner, we will slowly teach the proper mechanics of the butterfly over the 6 week period.
Improved Strength
A proper baseline of strength is required before attempting butterfly pull ups. Every second session will focus on helping athletes dial in this strength!
Improved Mobility
The butterfly pull up requires sufficient mobility, specifically through the shoulders and midline. Each session always begins and ends with intentional stretching and mobilizing to give the athlete the best chance for success!
Access to your coaches
This Train Your Weakness FOCUSED programming will have you improving your butterfly pull-ups in 6 weeks!
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Pull-up barBox/benchAssorted resistance bandsKettlebell or DumbbellFoam Roller
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 6-week program
Week 1 Session 1

Control 1: Technique (6min)


2 Sets: 30 Second Dowel Lat Stretch OR Partner Thoracic/ Lat Stretch (optional) 10 Scapular Circles (5 rotations forward, 5 backwards) 10 Beat Swings (start small, increase intensity with each rep) 10 Slow Butterfly Motion Pull-ups with Two Feet on Box Coach’s Note: This will be one of our standard warm ups for technique days. We are priming the shoulders and introducing the butterfly motion. Sub out the dowel stretch for the partner stretch if a partner is available. REMINDER to pay close attention to the video demos (click on 3 dots/tips), and movement cues!


Test: Butterfly Pull-Ups

@ 2:00

Butterfly Technique 1 (10min)


Every 2 Minutes x 5 10 Reverse bicycles from the hang (AGGRESSIVE “SCOOP”) + 5 Scoop + Hip Extensions (singles) Coach’s Note: Reverse bicycles (no swinging on this one today) are going to engrain the motion needed with the legs/feet to complete butterflies. For the following 5 reps we want a similar scoop, followed by a full hip extension (squeeze glutes HARD), no need to pull with the arms. Drop down from the bar and reset between each rep. Rest remainder of 2 minutes.

Butterfly Coordination 1 (5min)


EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) x 5 10 Butterfly Pull Ups With Single Foot on Box (5 on one foot, then switch) Coach’s Note: With a SINGLE foot on a bench/box, we will be able to go through the full range of motion and at FULL SPEED. Allow the elbows to flair out to the side as you pull towards the bar. If you lose the rhythm, stop and reset.

Mobility 1 (4min)


1 Minute/side Banded Lat Stretch 2 Minute Foam Roll of thoracic Spine Coach’s Note: We want to make sure we are making time for mobility which is crucial to our success over the next 6 weeks! Give yourself a high-five, Day 1 is complete!

Week 1 Session 2

Control 1: Strength (5min)


2 sets: 10 Prone Swimmers 30 Second Banded Pull-Overs from Foam Roller 30 seconds Arm Circles 10 Push-up to downward dog


Horizontal Banded Strict Pull-Ups

4 x 7


Pull-up Negative

4 x 3

Core Strength 1 (6min)


20 Seconds Work/40 Seconds Rest Alternating Movements for 6 Minutes: On Odd Minutes: Hollow Hold (with band under back) On Even Minutes: Arch Hold with Overhead Band Tension Coach’s Note: Without these two key positions, a butterfly pull-up does not exist! Staples in the gymnastic world, we will use these two positions to dial in our core strength. You will end up performing each movement 3 times.

Grip Strength 1 (4min)


Accumulate 2 Minutes in an Active Hang Coaches Note: Take no longer than 4 minutes to accumulate 2 minutes in the hold. Knuckles pointing at the ceiling. A strong grip allows for bigger butterfly pull up sets! Keep shoulders activated (pull shoulder blades down/ back towards the spine)

Mobility 2 (3min)


1 Minute Seal Pose 1 Minute/side Lacrosse Ball to Anterior Shoulder

Week 1 Session 3

Control 2: Technique (5min)


2 Sets: 10 Scap Push-Ups to Alternating Toe Touch 10 Banded dowel butterfly circles from seated position 10 Scapular Pull ups (2 second hold in retraction) 10 Butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups with two feet on box

Butterfly Technique 2 (6min)


EMOM x 6 Minutes 20-30 Seconds: Small Butterfly Pull Ups Coach’s Note: This is almost ALL arms/lats doing the work, don’t worry about feet or hips today. Looking to find that circular motion unassisted with partial reps. Maximum height is top of head even-level with the pull up bar. If you lose your momentum, drop and reset. DO NOT work past the 30 second mark.

Gymnastic Complex (3min)


8 sets: 2 beat swings + 1 kipping pull up + 1 Butterfly pull up *rest as needed between sets Coaches note: We are looking to really differentiate between the kipping pull up and the butterfly pull up. With the kip we “push away” from the bar once we get our chin over, versus a continuous motion as we “fall through” with the butterfly.

Upper Butterfly Coordination 1 (5min)


Accumulate 20 reps: Single repetition butterfly pull ups *resting as needed Coach’s Note: Lots of pull up volume today, but finishing with full/single reps. One of the biggest issues athletes have with the butterfly is continuing the circular motion as they tense up and don’t allow the body to continue with the forward fall. Take your time on this one and watch the demo athlete more than once if needed.

Mobility 3 (6min)


2 Minute Dowel Lat Stretch 1 Minute per side Lacrosse ball to Posterior Shoulder 1 Minute Per Side Banded Bicep/ Shoulder Stretch

Improve Your Butterfly Pull-Ups