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3 sessions per week
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 6-week program
Week 1 Session 1

Equipment Needed


- Dumbbells or Kettlebells - Abmat - Access to a flat wall - Bench press + barbell - Fractional plates (optional: can sub for lighter dumbbells instead) - Weight plates for plyometric push ups - Medicine ball or Roller - Access to a chair, box, bar, or rings (for dips) - Access to rig or other elevation (for resistance band to attach to) - Access to doorway or rig (for stretching) Don't have these items/don't know what to buy? These links below may help. Order them now/find them in stores: Resistance Bands: Dumbbells: Kettlebells: For Barbell + Plates, consider:,, or Bench: Gymnastics Rings: Medicine Ball: Foam Roller:

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Prep (5min)


3 sets: 20 meter single arm dumbbell or kettlebell overhead walk :30 Seconds of arm circles forwards/backwards Choose a weight which challenges, but enables you to maintain a strong lockout overhead position with the weight. Coaches Note: This is 3 sets per arm, for a total of 6x20meters or 120meters. Focus on creating a stacked position on the walk. The aim is to prime the shoulders and midline for the session. Challenge and strengthen the shoulder stabilizer muscles.


HSPU 2-5: Kipping Handstand Push Up

1 x MAX

Endurance (5min)


Accumulate 8 to 10 wall walks Coaches note: Keep these controlled, focus on walking a straight line up the wall and avoid any wobble.

Skill (10 min)


Every minute for 10 minutes: Coaches note: Pick an amount of kipping handstand pushup reps you can complete in 10 seconds.(10 seconds of work, 50 seconds of rest). Choose a rep range which can be maintained across all 10 sets. IMPORTANT, although we have already tested full reps today, we want to use this time, to film and take note of things we see. Focus on kicking to the "ceiling" FIRST and then press. We want to use the kip (kick) as much as possible! Take notes below.

Week 1 Session 2

Endurance (5min)


Accumulate 2:30 minutes in a handstand hold against a wall. Coaches note: Aim to complete the 2 minutes and 30 seconds in larger sets that leave you feeling fatigued in the shoulders and midline without compromising positioning. You can choose to use a wall for support. Rest as needed between efforts to accumulate a total of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The aim is to build isometric strength and confidence in an inverted position and strengthen the shoulders and core. We are working towards establishing control at the top of the handstand pushup position.

Strength (14min)


4 sets of 5 narrow grip floor press or narrow grip bench press. Dumbbells can be used if you do not have a barbell. Rest 2 minutes between sets. Coach's Notes: Set up a floor or bench press. Narrow grip means your hands should and elbows are stacked right above you, which is usually about one hand spacing in from your normal width during bench press. Use the same weight across each set but it should be challenging. We are focusing on strengthening our shoulders and triceps, this will develop a strong pressing position.


HSPU 2-5: Diamond Push Up

3 x MAX

Finisher (3 min)


Accumulate 100 hollow rocks. Advanced – arms up by your ears. Intermediate – arms by your sides. Coach's Notes: Ensure a hollow position for every repetition. Focus on a pelvic tilt and pushing the ribs down. Again we are working towards creating and strengthening a solid foundation and building midline strength.

Week 1 Session 3

Control (5min)


Headstand tripod hold for 10 to 12 attempts aim to hold for 10 to 15 seconds for each attempt. Coach's Notes: Place an abmat or something soft under your head, use a wall for support, If you are looking for more of a challenge practice moving your knees from your elbows to your chest (without pressing up with your arms). The above exercise aims to focus on the bottom positioning of a kipping handstand pushup, getting comfortable in that inverted position, and developing balance in the “hole.” The hole is known as the most bottom part of the handstand pushup.

Specific (8min)


Partner assisted 8 sets of 2 to 4 strict handstand pushups (no kipping) Rest 30-45 seconds Coach's Notes: If you don’t have someone available, perform 8 sets of 4 deficit strict handstand push ups with your feet on a box or bench. In this Pike handstand pushup movement, place your hands on something elevated off the ground; plates or mats will work. The above exercise aims to strengthen our strict handstand push up through a scaled option. Further developing specific overhead pressing strength. This will help us work on our inverted stability and help develop midline stability.

Accessory (12min)


As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes: 8 to 10 dumbbell or kettlebell skull crushers (change repetitions based on dumbbell weight) 20 banded pull aparts 20 banded face pulls (attach a band to a rig or other elevation and pull the band towards your face with your elbows high and outside) Coach's Notes: These bodybuilding supersets are to target the triceps, upper back and shoulders, and help us continue to Develop a strong press. These high repetition sets allow us to work the muscles to fatigue.

Handstand Push Ups: Intermediate 2-5 Progression Programming