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Sample Week
Week 1 of 6-week program
Week 1 Session 1

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Hello! This toes-to-bar program will be 3 times a week, for 6 weeks. The program has been developed for those who are looking for their first successful toe-to-bar rep, as well as those who are looking to string consecutive reps together. Toes-to-bar are a very technical movement requiring exceptional strength, coordination, and mobility all of which will be the focus for the entirety of the program. To give you a basic breakdown of the program, you can expect day one of each week to focus on strength, day two of each week to focus on coordination/ body awareness, and day three of each week to focus on overall mobility. In order to master all three physical capabilities mentioned, you will see some unorthodox movements over the next 6 weeks. We encourage everyone to take the time to read the ‘movement cues’ and watch the demonstration videos before completing the session. Some of the movements and rep schemes may seem daunting but just know all of the exercises over the next 6 weeks can be scaled accordingly. This is important to note, as all gymnastic movements including toes-to-bar can get frustrating at times, and some individuals may see results quicker than others; just know, if we stick with the process and put in the required work, every single one of us can reach their toe-to bar goals! A quick note before we begin! It can be common to rip our hands when performing gymnastic movements on the bar, so be sure to take care of your hands by keeping calluses shaved and if you happen to rip, don’t feel bad postponing the session to another day (note that not every session will require bar work). To minimize the chances of damage to the hands, gymnastic grips are recommended. Lastly, from this point on, we will refer to toes-to-bar as TTB! Tempo Explained There will be many movements throughout this program that have a specific tempo prescribed to assist in creating the desired dose response for the movement and training session. It will look similar to this: @3030 or @20X1 This means that the movement is meant to be done at a specific tempo or speed, instead of just as fast as possible. Tempo is always @ (eccentric)(point where direction changes)(concentric or 'the work' part of the lift)(other point where direction changes). X means as fast as possible Numbers mean seconds. Example: @3012 that’s 3 second eccentric (down), 0-second hold at the bottom, 1 second concentric on the way up, 2-second hold at the top Equipment Needed for this program: -Access to a pull-up bar -Kettlebells or Dumbbells -J Hooks (for purpose of attaching resistance bands or Barbell) -Resistance Bands -Broomstick or PVC Pipe -Foam Roller -Barbell Don't have these items/don't know what to buy? These links below may help. Order them now/find them in stores: Dumbbells: Kettlebells: Resistance Bands: Foam Roller PVC Pipe: Find this at your local hardware store (Home Depot, Rona, Bunnings, etc) If you have any questions about this program or want video review help, email All billing issues to: Ready? Let’s do this! - TYW Team

Control (6min)


3 sets: 30 Second Lat Dowel Stretch with Slow Twist 10 Scapular Pull-Ups @1113 Tempo 10 Swimmer Rotations @3131 Tempo 10 Front to Back Rolls @1313 Tempo 5 Reverse Nordic Curls @3331Tempo Coach’s Note: This warm-up will be a staple on our strength days. Be sure to do these in their entirety and be strict with the tempo, as this will help avoid injury and set you up for the best chance of success!



Toes to Bar Test (2 Mins)

Attempt 2 minutes of Kipping TTB! Coach’s Note: If you do not have a single rep, you may perform a scaling option including knees to chest/toes to parallel (or as close as you can get your toes to the bar) Be sure to film this effort! The best angle will be from a side view. Regardless of how it goes, remember that this is an initial test, and an opportunity to see your improvement. Stay positive for the duration of the two minutes!

Midline (6min)


30 Seconds Work/30 Seconds Rest Alternating Movements for 6 Minutes On Odd Minutes: Hollow Hold On Even Minutes: Arch Hold Coach’s Note: Each strength day will begin with some form of core control working on the hollow and arch positions. Once we build the foundational strength to master these positions, everything else will come much easier! You will end up performing each movement 3 times (30 seconds each)

Accessory Strength (15min)


4 Rounds for Quality: 20 Low Bar, Single Toe Touches (10/side) 15 Dumbbell Pullovers @31X1 Tempo 30 Second Hollow Banded Lat Pulldowns 10 Pike Compressions with 5 Second Holds Coach’s Note: Take your time going through the 4 rounds with ‘quality’ in mind. Be strict with tempo and hold times! Give yourself a pat on the back, Day 1 is complete!

Week 1 Session 2

Control (5min)


3 Sets: 10 Down Dog/Up Dog @1313 Tempo 10 Scapular Push-Ups @2222 Tempo 10 Push-Up Toe Touches 5 Hollow-Neutral-Arch (1 Second pause per position) Coach’s Note: This will be our coordination day warm-up going forward (the second day of each week). The hollow-neutral-arch is a very important piece and will get us hitting the key positions right off the hop!

Specific (5min)


EMOM - Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes: 8-10 Double Pump Kipping Beat Swings Coach’s Note: Our coordination requires complete control from fingers to toes. Focus on staying as tight as possible. Point the toes and make sure the second swing is as ‘explosive’ as possible. If the rep count is too much, be sure to scale down as needed. Each ‘rep’ will have two swings, the first will be the initial small swing, followed by the second explosive swing (total of 16-20 swings). You must drop down after each ‘rep’ starting the following set with another hop up to the bar

Coordination (12min)


4 sets: 5 Snail to Hang 10 Active Pike to Shoulder Compression with Dowel Touching Toes 10 Jumping Pullbacks 10 Arch to TTB Rest 1-2 minutes after each set Coach’s Note: All four movements are great contributors to dialing in the coordination needed for TTB. The arch to TTB is essentially the next step from the jumping pullbacks. If you can’t quite get your toes all the way to the bar for the Arch to TTB that’s okay, try your best. Both will give you a sense of how to use the lats, while building confidence in the arch and hollow positions. Scale the "snail" if you are unable to unfold with relative control (Ex: simply start with knees at 90 degrees and unfold slow, use a band under both feet that is attached to the rig, or even complete from the ground with hands attached to the rig) Have fun with it!

Coordination 2 (4min)


Tabata - 20 Seconds Work/10 Seconds Rest for 8 Rounds: Single Leg Alternating V Ups Hollow to Open Beat Swings from Low Bar (Foam Roller Required) Coach’s Note: V Ups are a great tool to help build the ‘snap’ we need to bring the hands and toes together. By doing alternating single leg V Ups we can really focus on coordination between lower and upper body. Alternate between the two movements. Be sure if you are using a barbell on J cups for the low bar, that you secure the bar with straps or resistance bands to ensure safety!

Week 1 Session 3

Mobility 1 (15min)


3 Sets: 10/side Weighted Shoulder Wall Circles 10/side Half Kneeling Windmill 10 Thoracic Bridges (5 second hold) 20 Dowel Rotations from Foam Roller 10 Band Resisted Tall Kneeling Overhead Reach @2222 Tempo Coach’s Note: Not only is mobility the clear focus for today, we also want to spend time working on ‘stability’. The shoulders will receive a lot of attention for these sections, as it is one joint that tends to get injured if we do not have the ability to stabilize under different ranges of motion and control momentum shifts.

Mobility 2


3 Sets: 1 Minute Per Leg Single Leg Supine Banded Hamstring/Calf Stretch Rest 30 Seconds 1 Minute Double Leg Banded Supine Pike Hamstring/Calf Stretch @2222 Tempo Rest 30 Seconds 1 Min Per Side Banded Lat Stretch Coach’s Note: We will always have yin yoga style, static stretching. We can have all the strength and mobility in the world, but if we can’t achieve a position due to lack of mobility, we will struggle to perform correct and efficient TTB reps. It’s important to be strict on timing in this section. Play some relaxing music while you breathe deep through these holds!

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