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This Kipping Pull Up Program consists of 3 sessions a week for 6 total weeks. Once we have mastered a few successful strict pull-ups, we can then challenge our strength and coordination with the kip. In CrossFit, we often complete tasks at high intensity with the goal of being efficient in our movements. By adding a gymnastic kip to our pull-ups, we certainly become more efficient! This means less rest time and ultimately more repetitions.

We will alternate our focus between technique and strength (i.e Day 1 Technique, Day 2 Strength etc). Whether you are trying to get your first rep, or improve your current kipping pull-up capacity, this program is for you! The suggestion is to go over the whole individual session each day before actually starting so you have a good understanding of what's happening, and avoid the need to constantly go back to your phone, which ultimately wastes time! Be sure to pay close attention to the coaches notes and demo videos, as sections will sometimes have different options of completion method, depending on your current ability. Are you Ready to get your kip on? Let’s do this!

Add On Progression Programming
Train Your Weakness is an add-on program to your current fitness regime. Dedicate an extra 30 minutes, three times a week, for 6 weeks to see results.
Coach's Notes Included
Each session will have your coach's insights about why you are doing the movement, recovery notes, and more - so you can be sure each step of the way.
Created By The Best
Every single Train Your Weakness programs are forged out of many years of elite CrossFit® experience.
Programming 3 days per week
This Train Your Weakness FOCUSED 30 min/day programming will have you barbell cycling more efficiently in 6 weeks
Demo Videos
Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy
Detailed, expert instruction
Coaches who will hold you accountable and provide the feedback you need to grow
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Sweating over a PDF is so last year. Your coaches and team will push you harder, know you better, and keep you going longer, all through an app.
Pull-Up Bar // Resistance Bands (assortment) // Foam Roller // Low bar attachment (OR Barbell that can sit on J cups) // Box/Bench
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 6-week program
Week 1 Session 1: Introduction and Overview

Control 1: Technique (6min)


AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible) x 6 Minutes 10 Scapular Pull-ups ( 2 Second Hold in retraction) 10 Standing Banded Arch to Hollow 10 Supine Explosive Hip Extension Drill 6 Slow Kipping Pull-Ups Tempo@2121 (Two Feet on Box) Coach’s Note: This will be one of our standard warm ups for technique days. We are priming the shoulders and spine while finding our hollow and arch positions which is key to a good kipping pull up. The hip extension will also be crucial in helping us understand the importance of the hips in the kipping pull-up! Move at a controlled pace.


Kipping Pull-Up

@ 2:00

Kipping Technique 1 (10min)


Every 2 Minutes x 5 10 Beat Swings (ONE foot on box if not proficient in this movement) 6 ‘Push-Away’ from Chin Over Bar (Hold 1 Second at top before push away) Coach’s Note: The beat swing allows us to find the arch and hollow positions required in the kipping pull-up, while the ‘push-aways’ introduce the technique we use when linking reps, allowing our body to be propelled forward into the following rep. For the push away, use a jumping pull up or bench to start each rep with chin over the bar.

Kipping Coordination 1 (5min)


EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) x 5 8-10 Foot on Box Kipping Pull-Up with Jump Coach’s Note: With a SINGLE foot on a bench/box, we will be able to go through the full range of motion and FULL SPEED of the kipping pull-up. Keep most of the tension in your lats/shoulders, the foot is there for MINIMAL assistance. This is forging the coordination needed, of course with the eventual goal of removing the box.

Mobility 1 (4min)


1 Minute/side Banded Lat Stretch 2 Minute Foam Roll of thoracic Spine Coach’s Note: We want to make sure we are making time for mobility which is crucial to our success over the next 6 weeks! Give yourself a high-five, Day 1 is complete!

Week 1 Session 2

Control 1: Strength (5min)


AMRAP x 5 Minutes 10 Banded Pullovers (bench or foam roller) 10 Prone Swimmers 10 per Direction Shoulder Circles Forwards/ Backwards

Pull Strength 1 (8min)


EMOM x 8 Minutes 5-7 Horizontal Banded Strict Pull-Ups Coach’s Note: Focus on trying to hold a hollow body position while pulling. Note the band set up in the demo. Important to find the right band tension/ height. This means that each set you should have approximately 3 reps in the tank left. You may complete this without a band if you can complete 5 unbroken reps without any sort of swinging motion through all 8 rounds (if technique or rep count starts to break down, add a band)

Core Strength (6min)


20 Seconds Work/40 Seconds Rest Alternating Movements for 6 Minutes: On Odd Minutes: Hollow Hold (with band under back) On Even Minutes: Arch Hold with Overhead Band Tension Coach’s Note: Without these two key positions, a kipping pull-up does not exist! Staples in the gymnastic world, we will use these two positions to dial in our core strength. By mastering these, we show complete control which will ultimately lead to kipping pull-up success. You will end up performing each movement 3 times.


Pull Ups: Active Hang

Mobility 2 (3min)


1 Minute Seal Pose 1 Minute/side Lacrosse Ball to Anterior Shoulder

Week 1 Session 3

Control 2: Technique (5min)


AMRAP x 5 Minutes 10 Scap Push-Ups to Alternating Toe Touch 10 Banded Hollow Snaps 10 Banded Arch Snaps Coach’s Note: We will see a lot of our hollow and arch work, use this warm-up to prime the proper positions, STAY TIGHT!

Kipping Technique 2 (5min)


EMOM x 5 Minutes 3-5 Banded Hollow Pushdowns + 3-5 Banded Arch Pullthroughs Coach’s Note: In order to nail down technique, we must understand the ‘pushdown’ on the pull-up bar when we want to enter the hollow position and the ‘pullthrough’ on the Arch. Pay attention to your shoulders and lats pushing the bar DOWN as your toes pop out in front of the bar, the body will move behind the bar (into the hollow position). Keep arms/elbows locked out!

Kipping Coordination (6min)


6 Minute AMRAP (sustainable pace) 2 Beat Swings + 1 Half Range Kipping Pull-Up (eyes=bar level) *resting as needed Coach’s Note: Don’t let the AMRAP change the approach of QUALITY, rest as needed, simply running a 6 minute clock. You MUST drop after the 3 combined reps and reset. We just want a slight (half) pull for this one. The idea is to get the coordination down of two powerful beat swings with one pull. Perform with one foot on a box/bench ONLY if your technique starts to break down. REMEMBER the PUSH AWAY after you reach the top of your (half) pull up . See video demo for both options.

Core Coordination (2min)


Accumulate 25 Chinese Plank to Hollow Snaps *2 Minutes Max (record number of reps completed in 2 minutes if less than 25)

Mobility 3 (6min)


2 Minute Dowel Lat Stretch 1 Minute per side Lacrosse ball to Posterior Shoulder 1 Minute Per Side Banded Bicep/ Shoulder Stretch

Improve Your Kipping Pull Ups

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