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Strength & Conditioning, Obstacle Course Racing, Endurance
Taylor Haney

More often than not, runners and cyclists neglect purposeful strength training. But why? It seems most endurance athletes solely focus on the modality of their respective sport and worry that ancillary training will hurt their performance. They couldn't be more wrong. 

It also seems many of these athletes don't know what to do when it comes to practical strength training. We've got these athletes covered with our Enhanced Strength for Endurance Athletes series. 

This program gives you 2 full-body strength training days per week - with a focus on: 1) Power and Strength,  2) SAQ and Hypertrophy, and 3) Stability, Balance, and Hypertrophy. We go beyond just simple strength training. We program proper warm-ups and accessory exercises that will take your overall strength, stability, balance, and confidence to another level. This program comes with 8 unique sessions that could be repeated over several months. 

Program Specs:
Skill Level - Intermediate. No Olympic Lifting experience required.

Equipment Needed - Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pulley system, treadmill, pull-up, air bike, medicine ball/slam ball, sled, turf.

Focus -  Strength and Conditioning

Training Days per Week - 2
Program Length - 4, but can be repeated if desired. 

Excerpt from Session #2:


Icky Shuffle 10x1

Box Jump Over 10x4

Bench Press 3x10

Sumo Deadlift 3x3

2 sessions per week
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Program Training
​BarbellDumbbellsKettlebellsResistance BandsAir BikeRowerPulley SystemMedicine Ball/Slam Ball 
sample week banner image
Sample Week
Week 1 of 4-week program
ESEA S2 Session #1 Power and Strength 

Skip Lateral Swing Core


Complete 3 Rounds of the Following: A-Skip 50yds Lateral Leg Swing x10/leg Front to Back Leg Swing x10/leg Russian KB Swing x20 @moderate weight Plank Shoulder Taps x30 *Minimal to no rest between rounds.


Double Broad Jump


Slam Balls

5 x 5


Double KB Front Squat

4 x 5


KB Front Rack Reverse Lunge

4 x 5


Sled March

4 x 20


Feet Elevated Push-Up

4 x 20

Rowing Metcon


For Time: 2000m Row -Every 1 minute hop off the row and perform the following- 10 Russian KB Swings The timer runs continuously; however, every time you are on the row, you only get 1 minute to cover as much distance as possible before you hop off and do the kb swings. *Record time. RX KB: 70/53 Scaled KB: as needed


Pendlay Row

3 x 5

Post Workout Stretching Circuit


Perform 2 Rounds of Each Exercise for 30 Seconds Each: Modified Pigeon Half Kneeling Hamstring Couch Stretch Lats and Pecs Stretch Tricep Stretch

ESEA S2 Session #2 SAQ and Hypertrophy 

Plyometric Prep


Complete 3 Rounds of the Following: High Knees x25yds Butt Kickers x25yds Strider x25 Side Shuffle x25yds (switch direction half way) Mountain Climbers x20 (fast) Explosive Split Jump x2/per leg *Minimal to no rest between rounds.


Icky Shuffle

10 x 1


Box Jump Over

10 x 4


Back Squat

3 x 10


Bench Press

3 x 10


Sumo Deadlift

3 x 3


Floor Seated DB Shoulder Press

2 x 15


Drag Curl with Resistance Bands

2 x 25


Banded Tricep Pushdown

2 x 25

Core & Calf Circuit


Complete 4 Rounds of the Following: Ab Mat Crunch x25 Bird Dog x8/per side Slider Pike-Up Plank x10 Calf Raise x25 *Rest 30 seconds between sets.

Post Workout Stretching Circuit


Perform 2 Rounds of Each Exercise for 30 Seconds Each: Modified Pigeon Half Kneeling Hamstring Couch Stretch Lats and Pecs Stretch Tricep Stretch Calf Stretch

coach-avatar Taylor Haney

USAW L1, Spartan SGX Coach, TBXM Advanced Youth Coach Obstacle Course Racer, Captain of Team Reach

Enhanced Strength for Endurance Athletes Series 2