Yancy's GRIT Camp

Yancy Camp

Yancy Culp, Amy Culp, RD, CSSD, LD and CEDRD

*Weekly (Wednesday) 4:30am 60-75 minute physical and mental conditioning training session

*Age range 6th – 12th grade (parents are welcome to join as well)

*Monthly nutrition coaching video call with clients and parents/guardians

*Yancy's GRIT Camp Train Heroic App access where you'll have private social media type communication capabilites with both coaches & other members in the program, and weekly mental, physical, and nutrition focused messages.

Areas of growth: Discipline * Motivation * Health & Wellness * Work Ethic * Nutrition (Food is Fuel) * Fitness Testing * Sports Performance * Mental and Physical Strength * Improved Self Confidence * Resiliency * Commitment * Perseverance * Courage * Resolve * Strength of Character * Teamwork * GRIT Development

Improved discipline, motivation, work ethic, commitment, perseve
This program is designed to get each member out of their comfort zone each week. By design is requires an early wake up once a week and shortly after you're training in whatever awesome weather mother nature provides. There's no complaining and we work hard! If we don't ever engage in uncomfortable situations, it's not easy to do it when we are challenged with opportunities that require it!
Nutrition - FUEL to win!
You'll learn how to fuel your body like the best athletes in the world from our specialist in sports nutrition. Each month we will teach foundational lessons and provide practical ways to apply it in your real life. Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated or confusing. Amy's expertise and passion for nutrition will help you learn the skills you need to get the edge on your competition.
Sports Performance & Fitness Testing
Everyone is an athlete! It doesn't matter if you play sports or not, our bodies were meant to move. Periodic fitness testing improves exercise adherence and helps maintain consistency. I've been providing sports performance training for youth, middle school, high school, collegiate, and pro level athletes for 15 years and we will always train with purpose at Yancy's GRIT Camp!
Mental Conditioning
Each weeks training session will contain a specific mental conditioning message. Each message will be focused on topics like - building strong character, respect for family, community, and life, selfless service to others, developing a pause button, controlling the controllables, winning the caring game, being quick to forgive, leading in a professional manner, and much more.
Access to your coaches
One in person weekly session with Coach Yancy and unlimited communication with both Yancy, Amy, and team throughout the week through the App
Programming 2 days per week
One in person weekly training session + 1 or more online programmed fitness sessions. Monthly nutrition call with Coach Amy.
Mental Conditioning
Every week there will be a specific mental conditioning topic that will be covered during our in person training session.
Detailed, expert instruction
Your coaches have a combined 45+ years in fitness & nutrition coaching
Committed teammates
4:30am is not appealing and that's by design. You won't be alone and the power of the collective group will help ensure adherence to the program
Delivered through TrainHeroic
The Yancy's GRIT Camp Train Heroic App will allow us to easily communicate with each other
Come equipped with a positive attitude!
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Yancy Culp

25 years of coaching experience: *Group exercise & sports performance coach x 25 years *Cedar Park MS & HS sports performance coach x 15 years *US Army BOSS STRONG Coach x 2 years US Navy Veteran Spartan DEKA Co-Creator & Director of Sport Get Burly Master Coach HumanN Active Lifestyle Coach Spartan RAM Director of Ed Owner YancyCamp.com Spartan Death Race Finisher Corporate Mgmt x 16 years

coach-avatar Amy Culp, RD, CSSD, LD, CEDRD

*Registered & Licensed Dietitian *Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics *Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian *Over 20 years of experience in sports nutrition working with athletes of all levels *Assistant Athletics Director of Performance Nutrition at the University of Texas *President, Collegiate, & Professional Sports Dietitians Association

It's time to level up!

Every person spends most of their time on 1 of 3 platforms. A - you bring good energy, people like having you on the team, and you serve others in a selfless manner. B - mediocrity! C - people do not like having you on the team, you bring poor energy,

Get Yancy's GRIT Camp
When do we train in person
Every Wednesday morning at 4:30am we will meet for our weekly training session. Location will usually be the same and any updates will be made in advance on the Train Heroic App
Who is this program for?
Anyone looking to improve their discipline, motivation, health & wellness, work ethic, nutrition habits, fitness, mental & physical strength, self confidence, resiliency, commitment, perseverance, courage, resolve, character, and ability to be a great teammate
What will I learn in the area of nutrition
Coach Amy is an expert dietitian in the areas of sports performance, health & wellness, eating disorders, family nutrition, clinical, and more. You will learn practical ways to optimize nutrition into your daily routine without it being hard or miserable to follow long term.
I'm not in good physical condition now - is this program for me?
Absolutely! If you can walk and breathe, this mental and physical conditioning program is for you! You will become a better version of yourself!
What if it conflicts with my schedule?
We start our Wednesday session at 4:30. Most of the world is sleeping at this time and we'll be done before most wake up! For most, it doesn't matter what you have coming up in the morning - school, practice, work, etc. we'll be done with plenty of time for you to get ready.
If I miss a nutrition session will I be able to view afterwards?
Absolutely. All nutrition coaching sessions will be recorded and be made available to everyone!
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Carl Abseck

Athletics Director & Head Football Coach

Verified Athlete

"Yancy has been an integral part of our program for over 14 years. There is is no other human that we have entrusted our athletes to. Our program is better when Yancy is involved. HS athletics help teach work ethic, direction, sacrifice, and so much more. You can trust Yancy to serve your child"

verified-athlete-avatar Tom Garza

Athletics Director & Head Football Coach

Verified Athlete

"Yancy is an incredible asset to Cedar Park athletes and the community they represent. The programming and workouts Yancy tailors for athletes for our MS & HS athletes has led to creating more successful mentally tough people and athletes. I recommend his programming to any age and fitness level."

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Yancy's GRIT Camp
Yancy's GRIT Camp
Yancy's GRIT Camp
Yancy's GRIT Camp