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A Group of Coaches looking to Empower Motivated Athletes to learn the Fundamentals of Speed and Agility Training. Our training program, Speed 202, goes over movement patterns that athletes will use on the field: Linear/Lateral Acceleration, Top End Speed, Change of Direction, Hip Turns, and Cutting Techniques that will allow them to perform at a high level on the field. Our Training Program consists of 4 parts: Warm Up, Technique, Plyometrics, and Energy Systems.


Warm Up: This preparation consists of muscle activation, mobility, and mindset. The warm up is designed to be specific to the movements the athletes will be going through best preparing them for the skills learned in the training day.


Technique: Athletes are exposed to a wide range of speed training techniques: Linear / Lateral Acceleration, Top End Speed, Change of Direction, Hip Turn, and Cutting. Athletes are taught the different Body Positions, Footwork, and Optimal Force Production in each of the different technical skills. They are able to practice these different positions with proper progressions allowing athletes to better understand the movements.


Plyometrics: Allowing athletes to go through a series of plyometric movements gives them the ability to understand the strength and force production needed to move explosively in a minimal amount of time. In order to have athletes fully understand this concept, we include workouts that include bilateral leg movements (jumps), single leg movements (hops / bounds), and hybrids of each in different planes of motion.


Energy Systems: Taking into account proper work to rest ratios, athletes are able to move at high intensities making it a game like setting. These drills are set up to stress athletes out and challenge them to keep correct body position and footwork through the drill enabling them to translate this onto the field.


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Speed 202
Speed 202
Speed 202