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John Welbourn

Own your movement. Quickly improve mobility, stability, and coordination.

Do you really want people to compare your movement to a crippled animal? How about a drunk sorority girl stumbling home from the club?

Hell no.

You want people to watch and mistake you for Swayze doing his thing in Roadhouse; or better yet, Dirty Dancing.

So you need to tack our Iron Flex on the front end of your training. You can also complete the training on rest days for active recovery.

That's right, this program includes 6 Iron Flex sequences each week. We ratchet up volume throughout each cycle and continuously introduce to new movements to make sure you're progressing.

You will have monthly access to this program and new cycles begin every four weeks!

Our Iron Flex Sequences are like nothing else out there:

  • Multi Plane - Don't get stuck in a rut... LITERALLY! Take your training to all planes of motion, and varied movement patterns!
  • Stress to Progress - The program advances every week. We add volume, movements, or complexity to the sequences to ensure we are getting better.
  • Hot Demos - Every movement has a demo and tips associated with it. Watch Power Athlete's coaches demo EXACTLY what is expected of you.
  • Don't Suck - Your ability to perform and train is predicated on how well you move. These sequences are designed to improve the movement of ANY individual, no matter how athletic you are! 

About The Program

Session Duration: 5-20 minutes, 6 days each week
Training Goal: Improve athletic potential, fix motor patterns found in training and sport.

Required Equipment

  • A Barbell
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Dip Bar / Bench
  • Small Physio Bands
  • Space to Move

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there strength work with this program?
A: No.

Q: Conditioning? Met-Cons?
A: No.

Q: I looked at the sample, WTF are all of these movements?
A: These are the tools that we have developed to fast track our athlete's training. These warm ups double as "corrective exercises" for athletes who have deficiencies in mobility, stability, and coordination. 

Q: I also follow Grindstone/Jacked Street/Bedrock/Johnnie WOD, or something else, how do I integrate this into one of these programs?
A: Perform these after a warm up, and before you workout! 

Q:What's the difference between this and the Warm Up Series?
A: The warm ups just get you sweaty and ready. Iron Flex consists of our proprietary movements that not only get you sweaty and ready, they drastically improve your ability to move. We're building tensile strength, tension to task ability, mobility, stability, and coordination through space!

Q: I don't see my question here, how can I get an answer?
A: Contact us at training@powerathletehq.com.

6 sessions per week
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Team Training
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Sample Week
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Iron Flex Series 1 / WK 1 DAY 1

Iron Flex


1-3 Rounds :20 Static Side Pillar Hold - Right 3R / 3L Pillar Hold Alternating Hand Reach :20 Static Side Pillar Hold - Left 10y Spiderman Crawls W/ Elbow To Drop 2R / 2L Spiderman To Lateral Flexion And Extension 10y Knee Hug To Horizontal Lunge Twist

Iron Flex Series 1 / WK 1 DAY 2

Iron Flex


1-3 Rounds 5 Scapula Depression 2R / 2L Child's Pose Progression 1 2R / 2L Leg Cradle Lunge w/ Lateral Flexion and Extension 5 Strict Pull Ups

Iron Flex Series 1 / WK 1 DAY 3

Iron Flex


1-3 Rounds: :25 Ipsilateral Dead Bugs 3R/3L 5 Sec Side Pillar Hold Hip Drop And Reach 15 Hip Bridge 2R / 2L Captain Morgans* 5 High Knee Squats *1 Rep = R/L Up And Down, and hold top position for 1 long breath

Iron Flex Series 1 / WK 1 DAY 4

Iron Flex


1-3 Rounds :25 Static Pillar Holds :15 R / :15 L Cpt Morgan With Vertical Support :25 Active Foot Isometric Hold - Dorsiflexion 10y Leg Cradle Lunge Twist w/ Drunk Step :25 Active Foot Isometric Hold - Plantar Flexion 2 Seesaw Walk To Vertical Jump - R/L + 1 Jump = 1 Rep

Iron Flex Series 1 / WK 1 Day 5

Iron Flex


1-3 Rounds :20 4 Way Dead Bugs 3 Inch Worm Hands Only 5R / 5L Swinging Gate 10y Spiderman Complex w/ a Horizontal Rotation :30 R / :30 L One Arm Banded Lateral Raise

Iron Flex Series 1 / WK 1 Day 6

Iron Flex


60y Jog* :25 Goblet Squat Static Hold ** 2 Ninja Roll Up To Vertical Jump 2R / 2L Leg Cradle Lunge With Lateral Flexion And Extension*** 2 Ninja Roll Up To Vertical Jump 2R / 2L Leg Cradle Lunge W/ Back Heel Touch*** 2 Ninja Roll Up To Vertical Jump 2R / 2L Leg Cradle Lateral Lunge W/ Twist*** * 30 Yards Out, 30 Back. You Know The Drill Shuffles, Skips, Strides, Get Loose ** Start conservative aka LIGHT! We will be progressing as we go *** Breath Scheme! 1 Long Drawn Out Breath

Iron Flex Series 1 / WK 1 Day 7


Rest Day

For Completion

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Iron Flex
Iron Flex
Iron Flex