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Pat Damiano

Project Bellplex is the ultimate kettlebell training program.

Functional Strength - KBs are the most versatile training tool out there. Use them to move up, down, left, right, forward, back, rotate, stabilize, mobilize, explode and so much more to build strength in all directions. Move like a human again!

Time Efficient - I know you're busy, and I know you don't have the time to spend 90 minutes in the gym, 7 days a week (who does?!). 45 minutes, 4x a week is all I need from you here. Maximize your time in the gym!

Switch Things Up - Let the versatility of KBs take your workouts to a place you didn't know was possible. From learning new skills, to engaging strength workouts to tough (but satisfying) conditioning workouts that leave you wondering what the hell just happened to you...but craving more! Take your training from something you HAVE to do, to something you WANT to do.

Learn KBs - Look I know KBs might be intimidating at first. But when taught the proper way, all of that goes out the window, and fast. This program is designed so you can learn on the fly and still get in great workouts while you learn.

Why This Program?
Learn and REFINE kettlebell techniques, gain FUNCTIONAL strength in different planes of motion, increase MOBILITY and joint strength, maximize your TIME in the gym and most importantly get back to ENJOYING your workouts again!
MORE results in LESS time.
You don't have time to spend over an hour in the gym every single day, and many of you don't even have time to make it to a gym at all. Let the magic of kettlebells change that for you. Whether in your garage, basement, a park, the top of a mountain or in a gym - kettlebells are the perfect one stop shop to combine strength, conditioning, mobility, functionality AND enjoyment.
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Programming 6 days per week
4 Days of strength & conditioning training. 2 days of mobility training. Accessible and challenging for athletes of any level or background.
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coach-avatar Pat Damiano

Hey guys! Pat here. Let me give you a brief overview of myself. I've been a coach for over 12 years now and have loved every second of it. I've been around the fitness block a time or 2 and have dabbled with just about everything. For the past 4 years now, kettlebells and unconventional training have been everything to me and I hope I get the chance to share my passion for them with you!

Enjoy Your Training!

"The man who loves walking will walk father than the man who loves the destination" - the best plan is the one you love and can stick with. Let's take your training from something you HAVE to do, to something you WANT to do.

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How many kettlebells do I need?
JUST ONE! The more the better of course - but 1 is all that is needed. I write these workouts with people who only have access 1 kettlebell in mind and I give alternatives where I believe necessary.
Do I need experience with kettlebells to do this program?
NOPE! You can learn as you go. This program is friendly for to beginners and you will learn the techniques as you go through it.
Do we ONLY use kettlebells?
Primarily yes, kettlebells and bodyweight. However, there will be workouts where I give options for you to substitute in other equipment if you have access like barbells, dumbbells or cardio machines. Example: 5 KB Goblet Squats (substitute in barbell front squats if you like)
How long will the workouts take?
Roughly 45 minutes
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Project Bellplex
Project Bellplex
Project Bellplex
Project Bellplex