Golden Era Titans


Juan Samudio

Golden Age Titans is not just a tribute to the legends; it's a dedication to upholding the legacy of the classic Olympians. Our meticulously crafted programs seamlessly weave the magnificence of bodybuilding's Golden Era in the late 60s with the efficiency-driven techniques of the modern 'optimal era.' You'll experience a blend of beloved vintage exercises, like iconic pump work, as well as contemporary exercises designed for precision muscle targeting. Within these workouts, you'll discover the essence of training that drew inspiration from icons like Mike Mentzer and Arnold Schwarzenegger, infused with a touch of scientific refinement to amplify their effectiveness. It's the harmonious fusion of timeless tradition and cutting-edge science, offering the ultimate synergy between the old school and recent advancements.

Old School Science
Within these workouts, you'll discover training inspired from various bodybuilders from Mike Mentzer to Arnold Schwarzenegger, enhanced with a scientific approach to maximize their efficiency.
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Get into the best shape possible with classic movements used from the best bodybuilders.
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Barbell // Dumbbells // Machines // Cables
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coach-avatar Juan Samudio

From traveling to seminars, speaking and working with the best in the industry and physical therapist, working at the best gyms in Miami, training with powerlifters and bodybuilders, while getting a Masters degree in Bio-Medical engineering. Allow me to train and share all the knowledge and experience I've learned to help you reach your goal in the most scientific and exciting way possible!

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Golden Era Titans
Golden Era Titans
Golden Era Titans
Golden Era Titans