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Full Gym Physique Bundle

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Laurie Christine King (LCK) and Bryan Boorstein

The Paragon Full Gym Bundle is for those working out at gym that has machines and tons of gym equipment.

Our Hypertrophy workouts will give you the best of all worlds: have fun, feel like an athlete, look and feel great, see progress and lift PR's... all while only spending 45, 60, or 75 min working out.

Equipment Needed: barbell, dumbbells, squat rack, bench, machines, cable machines

Includes access to 5 programs:

3 Day Physique: 3 x 60-75 min workouts

4 Day Physique: 4 x 60-75 min workouts

5 Day Physique: 5 x 60-75 min workouts

45 Minute Physique: 4 x 45 min workouts

Bryan's Program: 75-90 min (for advanced athletes)

See also: Paragon Home Gym Bundle + Paragon DB Only Bundle

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Guidance from LCK, Bryan, & PTM Coaches
Ask questions or post form check videos and get detailed coaching responses from some of the best coaches in the industry.
Programming 4 days per week
You can lift 3, 4, or 5 times per week. You also have the option to stack 1-3 cardio sessions on top of workouts (but only if you want to).
Access to Free Nutrition/Fitness Resources
Strong friends don't gatekeep. We're always sharing nutrition, fitness, and lifting tips to help you maximize your progress and enjoy your journey.
Detailed Workouts & Programming
Workouts are backed by science and have progressive overload. We take care of the complicated stuff - you get to have fun and see results.
Unmatched Community Support
There's no better hype squad than the Paragon hype squad. Unlike Mean Girls, you can absolutely sit with us.
Delivered Via Train Heroic
Easily view workouts, track your progress, and keep tabs on things like your sleep, recovery, and more.
barbell, dumbbells, squat rack, bench, machines, cable machines
lifting straps, hip thrust bench, squat wedges
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coach-avatar Laurie Christine King (LCK)

LCK is a nutrition and fitness coach and industry leader with a formal education in Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and 15+ years of coaching experience. She's helped thousands of women take back their power, fall in love their body, and be unapologetically strong, confident, and well-fed.

coach-avatar Bryan Boorstein

Bryan is the Programming Expert behind our life-changing workouts. With 25 years of training experience and a passion for nerding out over movement and research studies, Bryan brings an incredibly unique approach to exercise and working out. He's also a cohost on the Eat Train Prosper podcast.

Life Is Better Strong

We've changed thousands of lives with our workouts and unique approach to nutrition and fitness - we can't wait to change yours!

Get Full Gym Physique Bundle
How does Paragon work?
We bundle our workout programs based on where people are working out (Full Gym, Home Gym, DB Only). Each bundle has a 3 day option, 4 day option, 5 day option, and an option for when you're shorter on time. Pick your bundle, pick your program, and then get to lifting and loving life!
What gym equipment do I need?
You'll need a barbell, dumbbells, squat rack, bench, machines, and cable machines.
What if I'm working out from home or don't have much equipment?
If you have a barbell, dumbbells, squat rack, and bench, check out our Home Gym Membership Bundle. If you're working with limited equipment, you'd love our DB-Only Membership Bundle.
What if I'm new to lifting OR don't know how to perform a movement?
No sweat! We have over 600+ movement demo videos uploaded into our app. Each workout section will have movement tips and videos, so you'll know exactly how to perform the workout and each lift. You can also get instant feedback from the Paragon team if you post a form check video!
What if I love CrossFit and Olympic lifting, etc?
Hop to our Home Gym Bundle, the Strength/Metcon program is for you! It's our take on a more sustainable approach to functional fitness. All the things you love: Olympic lifting, strength training, gymnastics, metcons … but put together in a way that won’t leave you feeling beatdown or burnout!
What if I have nutrition, fitness, and/or programming questions?
Feel free to ask questions in our app or Facebook Community Group, we love giving detailed coaching responses! We also love when members share Form Check Videos so we can provide feedback on their lifting technique!
Do workouts include cardio?
Cardio is completely optional, but is programmed in our app for those who want it! You can complete up to 3 potential cardio sessions per week and you can run, bike, swim, ruck, etc. You're also welcome to follow your own run/marathon plan, just make do your best to get 2 rest days each week!
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Full Gym Physique Bundle
Full Gym Physique Bundle
Full Gym Physique Bundle
Full Gym Physique Bundle