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DB-Only Physique Bundle

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Bodybuilding, Functional Fitness
Laurie Christine King (LCK) and Bryan Boorstein

The Paragon DB Physique Bundle is for those working out with minimal equipment. Whether you're traveling, squeezing in a lift on your lunchbreak, or just working with limited gym equipment - less gym equipment doesn't HAVE to keep you from reaching your goals. Still build muscle, get strong, work towards your goals, and look great doing it - guaranteed.

Equipment Needed: dumbbells, bench, resistance bands

Includes access to 3 programs:

3-Day DB Physique: (60 min): full body sessions

4-Day DB Physique: (60 min): upper/lower splits

30-Min DB Quickie: for those busy days and seasons of life

See also: Paragon Full Gym Physique Bundle + Paragon Home Gym Physique Bundle

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Guidance from LCK, Bryan, PTM Coaches
Ask questions or post form check videos and get detailed coaching responses from the best coaches in the industry
Programming 4 days per week
LIFT big so you can go LIVE big! Good workouts (like ours) will maximize time and energy spent working out. Get in, get jacked, and then go live life!
Access to Free Nutrition/Fitness Resources
Strong friends don't gate keep. Free access to detailed resources, like our Pregnancy/PP Movement Modification Guide, Macro Tracking Guide, & More
Detailed Workouts & Top Notch Programming
Workouts are backed by science, periodized, & have progressive overload. We take care of the complicated stuff so you get to have fun & see results.
Unmatched Community Support
No better hype squad than the Paragon hype squaddd. Unlike Mean Girls, you can absolutely sit with us.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Easily view workouts, track your progress, and keep tabs on things like your sleep, recovery, and more.
dumbbells, bench, resistance bands
at minimum, pairs of light/medium/heavy for you DB's
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coach-avatar Laurie Christine King (LCK)

LCK is a nutrition/fitness coach and industry leader with a formal education in Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and 15+ years coaching experience. She's also the host of the Live Big Lift Big Podcast. She's helped thousands of women take back their power, fall in love their body, and be unapologetically strong, confident, and well-fed.

coach-avatar Bryan Boorstein

Bryan is our Programming Expert. With 25+ years of training experience and a passion for nerding out over movement + research studies, Bryan brings an incredibly unique approach to exercise. Workouts are not only backed by science, but effectively help people reach their goals (and look/feel great while doing it).

Life Is Better Strong™

Get in, get jacked, and then go live a BIG life. We've changed thousands of lives with our workouts and unique approach to nutrition/fitness - we can't wait to change yours! ♥️

Get DB-Only Physique Bundle
How does Paragon work?
You'll subscribe to 1 of 3 of workout bundles based on equipment and where you're working out (Full Gym, Home Gym, or DB-Only). Each bundle has 3-4 programs to choose from that take 30, 45, 60, or 75 min. Pick your bundle, pick your program, and then get to lifting (and loving) life.
What gym equipment do I need?
To follow our DB Programs, you'll need at least 2-3 pairs of dumbbells (pairs of light, medium, and heavier for you would be great. Ex: 10s, 20s, 30s), resistance bands, and a bench. Sorry but not actually sorry if you get REALLY strong and quickly have to buy more dumbbells (:
How many workout days are programmed each week?
Remember those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from when you were a kid? Our workout programs are just like that. 3-Day programs are full body sessions, 4-Day programs are upper/lower splits. You'll also have the option to stack zone 2 and zone 5 cardio sessions on top of programs (if you want to)
How long will workouts take?
The best workouts are the ones you can consistently do and get done. 3-Day & 4-Day DB Physique = 60 min workouts. DB Quickie = 30 min. You also have the option to complete programmed zone 2 and zone 5 cardio sessions (~30-45 min) on top of programming.
What if I'm new to lifting?
30-min DB Quickie is for you! Shorter workouts = less movements to learn, so workouts will likely seem less overwhelming. Once you’re feeling a little more comfortable, you could consider switching to one of our 60-min programs.
What if I don't know how to perform a movement or lift?
No sweat! We have over 600+ movement demo videos uploaded into our app. Each workout section will have movement tips + videos so you'll know exactly how to perform the workout and each lift. You can also get instant feedback from the Paragon team if you post a form check video!
What if I'm short on time and won't be able to finish a workout?
If in a busy season of life, DB Quickie since workouts are just 30 min. Alternatively, you could just prioritize completing parts A/B or A/B/C of your workout, as those are typically the repeating movements (aka the "meat and potatoes" of the programming).
Does Paragon include support for Mommas during Pregnancy / Postpartum?
Of course! All Paragon members will have access to our Pregnancy/PP Movement Modification & Substitution Guide. We also regularly share educational content and resources from @TheMintPRJCT. Members also get a discount if they wish to purchase Mint PRJCT's Birth-Back-to-Gym program.
Does Paragon include Nutrition Coaching / Nutrition Guidance?
It does not. Your subscription grants you access to our workouts + coaching support and guidance from the Paragon team. We love answering nutrition questions, but if seeking 1:1 coaching, that service typically runs $150-300/mo and isn't included in our super affordable $49 subscription.
What if I love long distance running and/or riding my Peloton?
Any of our 3 Day Programs just became your BFF, as workouts = full body. You also might love our 45-Min Physique program. Feel free to follow your own cardio or race program, hop in Peloton classes, OR peep our free zone 2 / zone 2 cardio add-on program that stacks perfectly with our workouts.
What if I have nutrition, fitness, and/or programming questions?
Post them in the App Chat or Community group, we always give detailed coaching responses! Paragon is an evidence-based, education-focused company. We believe that education = empowerment. It’s a lot easier to DO something when you understand the “how" or “why” behind WHY you’re doing something.
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DB-Only Physique Bundle
DB-Only Physique Bundle
DB-Only Physique Bundle
DB-Only Physique Bundle