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Nicole Roggow

Designed to be used as a compliment to your strength training or as a stand-alone cardio-based fitness program. Black Iron Cardio is organized into 3 days loosely defined as Long, Short, and Medium.

Long days are more steady state and continuous, often with bodyweight movements integrated into it.

Short days are more intense, sprint-based workouts with short bursts and longer rest periods.

Medium days are more traditional intervals that fall in the middle.

3 new workouts each week, 15-40 minutes of training per day.

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Daily conditioning that’s accessible and challenging for athletes of any level or background.
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Bikes, rowers, or other cardio equipment
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Sample Week
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Day 1



BW / Machine Interval Workout Every 3:00 x 12 sets (4 rounds) 1) :30s of push-ups into max distance/cals on machine 2) :30s of air squats into max distance/cals on machine 3) :30s of V-ups into max distance/cals on machine *Set a clock for recurring 3:00 intervals with no additional rest. At the start of the interval perform your 30s of the given movement, then hop on your machine for the remaining time. At the start of the next interval begin your second movement, then back to the machine, and repeat. Machine options: Fan Bike Spin Bike Rower Ski Erg Running Stairmaster Elliptical

Day 2



Rolling Sprints 10 sets: :30s on, 1:30 @ recovery pace During :30s on - perform 10s @ 60%, 10s @ 80%, 10s @ 100% effort Ideal Machine options: Assault Bike Spin Bike Row Ski Treadmill / Running

Day 3



Interval Work (3:1) 1:30 on, :30s off x 15 sets *Aim to increase pace every 5 sets, starting at a forever pace effort and increasing to a tough challenge for the last 5. 3:1 work to rest efforts should be closer to the long, sustainable pace than it is to something intense. Resist the urge to come out to hot, knowing that you've got a lot of sets to complete. Machine options: Fan Bike Spin Bike Rower Ski Erg Treadmill / outdoor running

coach-avatar Nicole Roggow

Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, CrossFit L2, CrossFit Games Athlete, Director of Coach Development at Black Iron Nutrition

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Are the workouts sent out daily?
The workouts are published every Sunday for the upcoming week! This gives our clients the flexibility of moving sessions around for that week while staying on track for that current cycle!
What if I can’t workout on the assigned day?
No problem! You can move that workout to a different day and still record all your stats as usual!
Do I have to wait to start at the beginning of a cycle?
No you don't. It’s best to jump in when you sign up! We understand everyone may not start at the beginning of a cycle, however, our programs are all periodized and based on progression so you will benefit from starting as soon as you join.
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Black Iron Cardio
Black Iron Cardio
Black Iron Cardio
Black Iron Cardio