Progressive Training Concepts

Functional Fitness, Functional Training, Endurance
Tim Leibiger

How to use the program:
This program is designed to improve your absolute strength, speed and lactic acid tolerance. You will work through a lactic acid and alactic training cycle. The goal is to keep your peak performance consistent and maintain it for as long as possible. To progress, you must be able to repeat results within sessions.
To make this possible, a well-developed aerobic system is required.

The program is intended as a supplement to the actual training. You can do the intervals after strength training or see them as a sprint workout. Adjust your training volume if you can't maintain your set watts!

To test your improvement, we use the time it takes you to run 1 mile!

3 sessions per week
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Program Training
Add-On High Intensity Program
Current Performance Test to see the progression after 10 weeks.
Build up your Engine
Improve your absolute strength, speed and endurance
Programming 7 days per week
Progressive Training Concepts Pedal to the metal is an add-on program to your current fitness program.
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Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy
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We provide a plan that will take your speed & endurance to a higher level.
Assault Bike
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 10-week program
(2) How to use and test 


1-mile Run

(1) Running Warm-up

Warm-up, Mobility & Activation


45 seconds on - 15 seconds off High Knee Karaoke The Figure Four Sidestep Jumping Jacks Butt Kicks Walking Lunge with Torso Rotation Seated Arm Swings Toes in Walk Last Drill: Get your heart rate into the range of today's training session! Run 20, 40 & 60 meters at about 80 percent of today's training stimulus.

Session 1


Assault Bike

4 x 0:10

Session 2


Assault Bike

5 x 0:10

The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Mareike

Competitive CrossFit® Athlete

Verified Athlete

"The training plan allows me more focus in training, because I don't have to plan anything myself. I trust my coach completely. Thus, the whole focus is on the upcoming training. I like to face new challenges and in the training plan this is always the case."

verified-athlete-avatar Tim

Coach and Mentor

Verified Athlete

"I was surprised how fast I can run a mile without running during the period"

verified-athlete-avatar Florian N.

Professional Wrestler & CrossFit Athlete

Verified Athlete

"I have been doing the CrossFit® sport for 2 years now and have mastered all the skills and become strong in weightlifting. I was able to fight my way into the top 500 in Europe in the quarter-finals thanks to Progressive Training Concepts. Instagram @flo_nmr"

Pedal to the metal: An Assault Bike training plan for gains