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Introducing [FOUR POWER], the natural evolution following completion of the [FOUR STRENGTH] program. This advanced regimen hones in on enhancing an athlete's Rate of Force Development (RFD) through dynamic exercises like ballistic jumping, throwing, and tossing. Elevating RFD enables the generation of explosive power by exerting greater force in shorter durations—an indispensable attribute for impactful strikes.

Tailored for both beginners and intermediates, this power-focused program spans eight weeks, featuring two dedicated strength and power sessions weekly, plus an optional third session. Each level strategically targets four key exercises to amplify RFD across diverse vectors, complemented by thoughtfully chosen accessory exercises fostering continual strength development. Elevate your physical prowess and synchronize it with your skill set for a comprehensive training experience.

3 sessions per week
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Program Training
Shaped by a Coach Immersed in the Sport.
Crafted by a coach well-versed in the sport's culture, skills, and active participation. Identifying key exercises for optimal athletic development, showcased during skill sessions and carry over into fight camp.
Become Powerful
Emphasizing explosive lifts and dynamic movements enhances a fighter's ability to rapidly generate force, leading to powerful strikes. A thoughtfully crafted strength and conditioning program not only develops physical strength but also hones the coordination and speed crucial for precise execution. This comprehensive approach significantly elevates a fighter's overall performance in the ring.
Become Resiliant.
Combat sports strain the body, but this program strengthens vulnerable areas, allowing more frequent training without setbacks. Targeting specific muscle groups reduces injury risk, ensuring your body copes with regular combat training, fostering consistency and performance while minimizing setbacks.
Join the Team Chat
A group chat where discussions, questions or concerns regarding your training can be answered or just to share your progress.
Programming 3 days per week
2 Strength and Power focused sessions with an optional third training day.
Exercise Video Guidance
Voice-over instructional videos to guide your practice making technical execution easy.
Skills practice comes FIRST.
There will be additional instructions on how to manage your S&C sessions alongside your skills practice.
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 8-week program
[FOUR POWER][BEGINNER] Strength & Power Session [Week 1 Day 1]


Dynamic R.A.M.P Warm Up #3 (General & Plyo)

1 x 1


Seated Rocker Jump

2 x 5


Half-Kneeling MB Chest Pass

2 x 10 @ 8


Deadstop DB Jump

3 x 25 @ 6


MB Slam

3 x 10 @ 12


Broad Jump (PP)

3 x 5


BB Romanian Deadlift

2 x 7 @ 4

[FOUR POWER][BEGINNER] Strength & Power Session [Week 1 Day 2]


Dynamic R.A.M.P Warm Up #3 (General & Plyo)


KB Swing

3 x 6 @ 10


Elevated Bench Push Off

3 x 8


DB Power Lunge

3 x 6 @ 5


Paused BB Pendlay Row

3 x 7 @ 5


Weighted Pull Up

2 x 7 @ 8


Half Kneeling Landmine Rotation

2 x 7 @ 14

[FOUR POWER][BEGINNER] Robustness Session [Week 1 Day 3]


DB/KB Cossack Squat

2 x 7 @ 8


DB Seated Zercher Goodmorning

2 x 7 @ 8


DB Chest Supported Row

2 x 7 @ 8


Staggered Stance ISO Hold

2 x 15 @ 25


Seated DB Calf Raise

2 x 8 @ 8


KB Halo

2 x 7 @ 8


DB Side Bend

2 x 7 @ 8

Develop Power in Your Skill Set

This preparation program is made for FIGHTERS looking to improve their POWER outside of fight camp. [FOUR POWER] is designed to create explosive fighters and advance your performance.

Get [FOUR POWER] Program - Beginner & Intermediate
How can I schedule my S&C sessions alongside my skill sessions?
Not to worry, I have included clear instructions/protocols within each session description to help you organize your training week properly.
What if I do not have access to a Trap/ Hex Bar?
You can substitute Trapbar Jumps for a Barbell Jump Squat if you do not have access to a Trap/Hex Bar. To substitute Trapbar Power Shrugs, perform a Clean Deadlift Shrug.
What if I do not have access to a landmine attachment?
To create a makeshift landmine attachment, place one end of the barbell facing a corner with a heavy dumbbell placed across on top of that same end to secure it.
Can I substitute the kettlebell exercises with dumbbells?
Yes, all kettlebell exercises in this program can be done with a dumbbell. For Kettlebell Swings, simply place the dumbbell in a vertical manner and hold onto the top with both hands (the weighted end, not the handle).
Any alternatives to a Weighted Dip Belt/Weighted Vest?
You can hold a dumbbell or slam ball securely in between your thighs/knees. if that is uncomfortable, you can thread a heavy-resistance band through a bumper plate and carry it like a backpack.
What if I do not know the One Rep Max (1RM) of my strength lifts?
For those that have completed [FOUR STRENGTH] program, you should have access to your relative 1RMs. For those that did not complete the testing week, I have included specific instructions within the exercise description of the program.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Kent Toha

Amateur Muay Thai (C Class) Fighter

Verified Athlete

"Jason takes a detailed approach considering all aspects from the sport quickly devising a plan to attack both strengths and weaknesses in my fight preparations."

verified-athlete-avatar Stevie Guest

Amateur MMA/Pro Muay Thai Fighter

Verified Athlete

"I feel amazing within my rounds and on the mats. My strength and power has gone up within my striking and wrestling. I am glad I started working together with Jason!"

verified-athlete-avatar Justin Wijnans

Amateur Muay Thai Fighter

Verified Athlete

"Jason took helped me translate speed, strength, power and conditioning into my striking and clinch game."

verified-athlete-avatar Luke Colbert

Amateur Muay Thai (C Class) Fighter

Verified Athlete

"Jason and his program helped me achieve improved physical strength and increase my power output and he did so even whilst I was losing weight to reach my fight weight. Not to mention I was in the best shape I have been in for my fight."

[FOUR POWER] Program - Beginner & Intermediate