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Andrew Stevens

I didn't walk-on and play Division 1 Football because I was the most skilled/talented at my position. I used the gym and THIS training system each year I played to separate myself from my competition.

As an Elite Performance Coach today, my passion for training and bettering both myself and other athletes has not changed. Whether you're on the gridiron, court, or field, I will elevate your performance. GUARANTEED.

For the first time ever, I'm giving YOU the chance to train using the EXACT system I use with both my own athletes and myself! When you sign up, you will complete the EXACT same workouts me and my athletes do each day to improve our performance.

Each session, from Warm-Ups to Speed/Strength work, features video demos with my coaching to guide you to perfecting form for safety and maximum effectiveness. Access this exclusive training for 7 days for FREE, bypassing in-person session wait-lists to increase your athleticism NOW.

Every phase we do our objectives will be different, but the goal remains the same: Stay Healthy, and Maximize Our Performance in a Mobile & Pain Free Body.


Specific and Dedicated Training Phases
Injury prevention is non-negotiable in reaching peak performance. The Athletic Performance System isn't just about training—it's a commitment to keeping you at your best. I am here not just to guide you, but to personally teach proper techniques, strengthen your body's weak points, and introduce exercises that target our specific goals of training. This will be our blueprint to success!
Elite Coaching
As part of ourTeam, you take away the guesswork at the gym. Say goodbye to poor form, subpar results, and unnecessary injuries. Join me, and master every exercise for the results you've always wanted. Whether it's a month or year-round commitment, my program promises not just immediate results, but a lifetime of health knowledge. Let's elevate NOW!
Join a REAL, Supportive Team
Elevate your athletic journey. Join our team of ELITE athletes who compete and uplift one another. I miss being part of a team. The hardest part about retiring from football was losing the camaraderie you have with your team...So I created this team! When you sign up, I'll personally call you to get you all set up and started!
Become A Better Athlete. Guaranteed.
I'm extending the opportunity for YOU to train with the EXACT system honed with my athletes and myself. By signing up, you'll engage in the same daily workouts that fuel our performance improvements. I aim to forge a community of athletes training smarter and harder to unlock their full potential.
Access to your coaches
Coaches who will hold you accountable and provide the feedback you need to grow
Programming 5 days per week
Warm-Ups - Mobility - Pre-Hab - Speed - Plyometrics - Strength - Conditioning
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy
Detailed, expert instruction
Coaches who will hold you accountable and provide the feedback you need to grow
Committed Teammates
My team is REAL, and the camaraderie formed, helps us all get better! We will push each other each day to improve.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Supercharge your workouts with our app! Ditch the dull PDFs, embrace personalized coaching, stay motivated, and achieve your athletic goals. 💪📱
Barbell // Dumbbells // Bumper Plates // Free Weight
Medicine Ball // Hurdles/Cones // Plyo Boxes // Bands
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coach-avatar Andrew Stevens

Former Division 1 athlete and captain at the University of Missouri. Collegiate strength coach at Notre Dame, Oregon, Arkansas State, and the NHL. Developed 50+ professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and NHL. With a profound dedication to athletic development and a proven track record in high-level competition, Andrew is a trusted authority in his field.

Let's Dominate

Unlock your full athletic potential with our online training program. Elevate your game and dominate your sport. Don't wait, your best season starts now!

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The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Bence Stipsicz

Professional Hockey Player

Verified Athlete

"Really helpful for me to get back after my injury. Really detailed and focuses on individual problems."

verified-athlete-avatar Abby Carr

Division 1A Softball Pitcher

Verified Athlete

"Coach Stevens does a fantastic job! His attention to detail, sport specific training, and strength training is dead on. He will help you meet your goals and get to the next level!"

verified-athlete-avatar Eddie Serrano

Division 1A Defensive End

Verified Athlete

"My absolute favorite programming to follow! I told Coach Stevens what I was looking to achieve physically & he curated a phenomenal program that actually produces RESULTS. 5/5 recommend & will continue to be part of the STEVENS training program. Thanks coach!"

verified-athlete-avatar Aaron Cole

Masters National Swimming Champion

Verified Athlete

"Andrew is an exceptional trainer, combining deep knowledge with a relentless drive to learn. Whether you're an athlete seeking to elevate your game or someone looking to get fit, he'll tailor a program to meet your goals. Expect personalized attention and remarkable results from Andrew's expertise."

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Online Training Team (Athlete)
Online Training Team (Athlete)
Online Training Team (Athlete)
Online Training Team (Athlete)