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Mary Johnson

**The monthly lift plan is the perfect option for the runner looking to supplement their training to become stronger and more resilient. **

This is a progressive overload program, focusing on everything a runner specifically needs - with an emphasis on core and single-legged movements.

My goal is to help you feel like an athlete in the gym - so when you get to the roads, you're more confident and ready to run fast.

**The program duration is 4-5 weeks, with 2 workouts per week, + a warmup. **

The workouts will take between 30-40 minutes (but, of course, there is a learning curve to start, and your first workouts might take a little longer).

**Equipment Needed: **

  • Free weights (DBs or KBs), a band, and a bench
  • A 6-8lb medball and pull-up bar are optional
Exercise links to every movement
Every movement is linked within the app - so you'll have a quick reference of what you need to do while you're working out.
Easy-to-understand interface
Each movement set is explained, and you can finally keep track of your lifting progress through the app - so you don't have to worry about remembering a paper program and pencil every time you work out.
Make efficient use of your time
It's HARD to juggle lifting and running; so manage your time better by utilizing the app timer. With this easy-to-use function, you can finally keep track of how long the workout is actually taking you, and time your rest intervals correctly (and adhering to the rest parameters helps you get the most bang for your buck out of the workout).
Programming 2 days per week
This program is meant to supplement your running, and sessions are intentionally short and purposeful.
Exercise Video Guidance
Every exercise is easy to execute because they are directly linked to a video - so you'll know exactly what you need to do.
Finally learn how to program in lifts
You've heard hard days hard and easy days easy - but there are nuances to everything. You'll receive an overview of how/when to schedule your lifts.
No More Excel!!
Knowing what to do in the gym is hard enough!! The app is interactive and easy to understand - lifting really won't be so intimidating anymore.
Dumbbells or Kettlebells // Bands
Bench // Pull-up bar // Medball
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Mary Johnson

USATF & VDOT certified coach and Founder of Lift.Run.Perform. Learned the ins and out of strength training from working on the floor at Ranfone Training Systems. As a mom of 2, I'm training to find the strongest version of myself and believe my fastest running times are yet to come.

It's time to commit to strength training

Imagine heading out for your daily run without any of the nags or aches that normally bother you. What if you made lifting a routine part of your training...instead of something you randomly do? Aim to become a stronger athlete, and fast running will follo

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How long do the workouts take?
The workouts are designed to take no more than 40-45 minutes (though there is a learning curve! when you start, workouts might take a little bit longer).
How many days a week is the program?
This program is 2x/week; coming soon will be a 3x/week option.
How heavy should I be lifting?
There is a quick overview of this in the Welcome video, which you'll receive a link to when you start.
When should I schedule lifts to my running schedule?
You've heard "hard days hard...easy days easy" - which is true! But there are some nuances to this. When you start, you'll receive a Welcome video, which will go over the answer to this question in more detail.
How much communication will I receive?
This is not a coached program; if you're interested in more hands-on lift coaching, contact Coach Mary -
Will I be billed for this monthly?
Yes, this is the monthly membership option. If you decide to cancel, you can do so at any time; your training calendar will remain in your TrainHeroic profile for 5 weeks after your cancel date. After 5 weeks, you will lose access, however you will not lose any data/metrics from logged workouts.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Carolyn


Verified Athlete

"I deal with some long term issues with my right hip and the monthly lift program has really helped me to get stronger and incorporate mobility work into my routine - it’s helped me keep running consistently! Incorporating this in with my running has made me feel like well-rounded athlete."

verified-athlete-avatar Macy

3:15 Marathoner

Verified Athlete

"I love Mary's workouts; they're short enough to fit into my busy schedule on top of 5-6 days of running, and perfectly curated to build strength that's improved my running and allowed me to reach new heights without injury. Couldn’t recommend this lifting program enough, especially for busy runners!"

verified-athlete-avatar Laura

Exercise Science MS Student & Coach

Verified Athlete

"I started using Mary’s programs after having COVID, to rebuild strength and address and neurological long Covid symptoms. The programs are the most enjoyable lifts I've done in 12+ years of strength training - and I've seen clear benefits in both running and body composition."

verified-athlete-avatar Ashley


Verified Athlete

"As an injury prone runner the lift program has transformed my training. I am stronger than I have ever been and able to handle higher mileage running weeks since I started doing these workouts over a year ago."

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LRP Monthly Lift Membership
LRP Monthly Lift Membership
LRP Monthly Lift Membership
LRP Monthly Lift Membership