Functional Training
Dave Oliver

We’re proud to announce our ultimate Cross Training Program that is designed to improve your cardiorespiratory capacity, stamina, endurance, and strength.

This program is for all fitness levels and abilities – beginners or advanced individuals alike. Whether you’re Training -curious and thinking about joining or just want to get better at Cross training in general, this workout plan is for you!

Program Structure:

When devising this program, we found it imperative that we preserve the fundamental trait that makes the discipline of Cross training so unique: constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. At the same time we also wanted to make sure that the workouts we program all satisfy the following criteria:

  • Promotes new skill development
  • Combines multiple exercise modalities
  • Includes technical movements, and
  • Activates all 3 metabolic pathways

So we went back to the roots of Cross training and obtained inspiration from the original Cross training programming. 

In the Cross training program we designed, we will be referring to these modalities as G, M, and W, respectively. Each modality on their own improves one’s fitness capabilities in different ways. But as a combination, they form a potent mix that will help increase agility, bodyweight control and coordination, cardio capacity, and strength and power.

5 sessions per week
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Team Training
Conventional Box
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Sample Week
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coach-avatar Dave Oliver

David is an experienced personal trainer with several years of experience in the fitness industry, specifically at the Gym4you.

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Gym4ever - Cross Training
Gym4ever - Cross Training
Gym4ever - Cross Training
Gym4ever - Cross Training