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Anely Arellano

Finally have your dream body. Personal training at your convenience, on your schedule.

I created Get Peachy to give you clear path toward getting REAL results, with REAL coaching, and a REAL team that's training with you each step along the way.

As a member, you'll get access to a training plan that gets incredible results while keeping things simple so it's both challenging and enjoyable. Our plan is to create a training plan that gives you the best chance to stick to it, being consistent day after day and week after week.

We've been at this long enough to know that training is just 1 of the pillars of heatlh, and we want to create a foundation strong enough for you to build on.

That's why, in addition to a simple and easy to follow training plan, you'll get access to nutrition guidelines that make it easy for you to keep eating the foods you love, but in the right amounts, so that you get the results that you came her for.

At Get Peachy, we're a team.

That means we support each other.

We hold each other accountable.

And we work our asses off.

If you're willing to stick to the plan and prepared for unreal results, you're in the right place.

Your first 7 days are on me!

No more Guesswork
Whether you're in a gym or at home, you'll get immediate access to a daily training session that gets real results. We're not promising a silver bullet, or a magic fix, but we are promising progress, week after week, if you're willing to put in the work. Stop wandering the gym guessing what to do. As a member, you'll get your training plan + video demos to support you each rep along the way.
A Coach and Community that Cares
We've traditionally charged several hundreds of dollars each month for personal training. We get it, that's not an option for everyone, and that's why we're so excited to invite you to Get Peachy. You'll get the same type of training that we deliver to our personal training clients but in a group training environment so you get similar results at a price point that makes this a no-brainer.
Nutritional Guidance to Get Results
Results are equal parts training and nutrition and we want to make sure you're getting BOTH with your membership. Beyond the sets and reps, we'll empower you with the nutritional guidance and education you need to make smart decisions around what to eat and how much you should eat based on your specific goals.
Access to your coaches
You'll get the real thing, me, on our team's message boards so you can ask your questions and so that you feel supported along the way.
Programming 5 days per week
Daily strength training, using tried and true principles that get you real results. Expect a training session each weekday+ weekends to recover.
Video Demos
Every movement will have a demo video so you know exactly what I'm looking for. You'll feel safe and confident performing each part of your training.
Detailed, expert instruction
Beyond the sets and reps, I'll give you the coaching and instruction you need so you're never playing guessing games.
Committed Teammates
You're joining something truly special. A community of women that train as hard as you do. We lean on our teammates, we support others, & we have fun!
Delivered through TrainHeroic
We've partnered with the best tech in training to give you the best online training experience in the world.
Barbell + Plates // Dumbbells // Leg Press Machine // Cables // Adductor/Abductor Machine // Standing/Seated Calf Raise Machine
Conventional Gym
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coach-avatar Anely Arellano

Founder and Head Coach at KebFit. My goal is to empower women to feel comfortable in any environment that they walk into, especially the gym. To show that you can lift weights and be feminine and have independence in life. I believe in balance, that you can still really enjoy life and maintain a healthy physique. I look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Get the Booty + Body You deserve.

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