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Daimino Stewart-Anguiano

This Program is 3 sessions per week 20-30 minutes of work after strength and conditioning. This style of accessory is tailored to translate to crossfit movements , acting as skill building to support performance in workouts. In this program you will see a Gymnastic/Bodybuilding style & what we call "Skill WOD's" Every week will Have a new Challenging Combo of Movements. This Program is advanced but also has Scaling options Shown in the instructions and Videos. You Can recycle this Program from Start to finish, as you get Strong you can continue to challenge and test your ability. Sign up today and let the gains begin!

7 sessions per week
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Program Training
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 12-week program
Week 1 Day 1

OTM x 16Minutes : Alt Movements


5-8 Strict C2B Pull-Ups 8-12 Strict Ring Dips 20 GHD Sit-Ups Rest

Strength Cycle (LinearProgression): Week 1 Day 3



5 Sets 5-8 Z Press *Seated on Floor 8 Single Arm DB Row 15 T2B + 15 V-Ups + 15 Second L-Sit-Hold 8-12 Glute Bridges *On Floor *Build on Each Set

Week 1 Day 5

Gymnastics Skill Accessories


15Minute EMOM : As Long As Possible 30Second L-Sit Hold 50 Double_Unders 50Ft HandStand Walk Goal is 5 Rounds* *Scaled Tuck Holds, DoubleUnder Practice, Shoulder Taps

coach-avatar Daimino Stewart-Anguiano

Former football player (NFL/CFL/Arena Football) and Track and Field (Decathlon) College athlete Turned Crossfit athlete and coach. NFPT Cert + Crossfit Level Certs + Nutrition. 4x Crossfit Regional Athlete + Started Crossfit in 2011.

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