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Brad Becca

Welcome to "Soccer Fitness Unleashed: Supercharge Your Speed, Agility, Strength, & Conditioning"

This program is a dynamic and intensive 30-day training journey that will propel your soccer skills to unparalleled heights.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

This program is your gateway to unlocking the true potential within you as a soccer athlete. Crafted by experienced fitness coach Brad Becca, this comprehensive regimen is meticulously designed to enhance your speed, agility, strength, and overall conditioning, enabling you to outshine the competition on the field!

Whether you're aiming to dominate the league or aiming to impress during pickup games, this program caters to players of all levels, guiding you through a transformative process of growth and development.

Over the next month, you will immerse yourself in targeted workouts, strategic drills, and specialized exercises, all geared toward sculpting you into an agile, robust, and high-performing soccer powerhouse!

Get ready to push boundaries, exceed expectations, and emerge as a soccer athlete unleashed – ready to conquer every aspect of the game.

Let's get started!

Develop Linear Speed
Thoughtful program design to help you tap into your top-end speed.
Display Lateral Quickness
Get from point A to B, and back to A quicker than the competition.
Get Trained by the Best
We're bringing you the best training in the business so you get the results you deserve.
Programming 5 days per week
Daily strength, conditioning, and skill training that’s accessible and challenging for athletes of any level or background
Demo Videos
Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy
Detailed, expert instruction
You'll get all the details you need to execute the program, perfectly.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
I've partnered with the best tech in training so you get an online training experience that works as hard as you do.
Cones // An Open Field
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 4-week program
Day 1

Multidirectional Warm Up


*Place 5 cones 5 yards apart in a straight line = 20Y (yards) 2 Sets Each Movement: 20Y Lateral Shuffle Deceleration 20Y Lateral Shuffle Hip Flip 20Y Sprint Deceleration 20Y Sprint Lateral Shuffle 20Y + 20Y Sprint - Backpedal 20Y Backpedal 20Y 2 Step Backwards Rhythmic Shuffle 20Y 2 Step Forward Rhythmic Shuffle 20Y Backwards Run Hip Flip

Rapid Response & Footwork


*Rest 45 sec between each set and exercise 3 Sets Each Movement: 15 Sec Dynamic Bounce 15 Sec Lateral Line Jumps 15 Sec Line In-Out

Change of Direction


*Rest 60 seconds in between each set and drill 2 Sets Each Movement: 15 Sec 2 Cone Lateral Shuffle 15 Sec 3 Cone Linear Shuffle Figure 8

Day 2

Athletic Bodyweight Strength and Plyometric Circuit


*Perform each exercise in order one after another *Rest 20 sec in between each exercise *Rest 60 sec after each round of circuit 5 Rounds: 20 Push-Up 12/Side Lunge Jumps 20 Dead Bug Complex 12 Lateral Skater Hop 12 Squat Jumps

Mobility and Flexibility


1 Round: 6/Side Lunge T-Spine Rotation 6/SIde Lateral Cossack Complex 6/Side Worlds Greatest Stretch 4 Cobra Side Look Downward Dog 2 90/90 Hip LIft *Do 2 sets of this one 20 Prone Scorpion

Core Training


1 x 5 Min Core Shred

Day 3

Dynamic Warmup


Jumping Jack Complex - 1 x 20-20-20 Single Leg ABC - 1 x 1/Side (A - Z) Leg Swing Complex (Forward and Back + Lateral) - 1 x 20-20 Arm Swing Skips Forward - 2 x 20Y Arm Swing Skips Lateral - 2 x 20Y High Knees - 2 x 12 Sec

Elite Endurance Circuit


6 Rounds: Big Square *Complete in under 40 seconds T-Drill *Complete in under 15 seconds 5 Cone 90 Degree Cuts (3 to right, 3 to left) *Complete in under 15 seconds *Rest 60 seconds after each exercise and after completing a full round of the given circuit

Elite Endurance Finisher


6 Laps of Big Square *Complete in under 6 minutes

Day 4

Foot & Ankle Training


Ankle Swivels - 2 x 45 Sec Independent Toe Raise Big Toes Up - Little Toes Down - 3 x 10 Sec Independent Toe Raise Little Toes Up - Big Toes Down - 3 x 10 Sec Ankle Circles Clockwise - 2 x 10 Tip Toe Walks - 2 x 20Y Heel Walks - 2 x 20Y Standing Tib Raise - 2 x MAX Single Leg Calf Raise - 2 x 20/Side

Mobility and Flexibility


Lunge T-Spine Rotation - 1 x 6 Lateral Cossack Complex - 1 x 6 World's Greatest Stretch - 1 x 6 Cobra Sidelook Downward Dog - 1 x 4 90/90 Hip Lift - 2 x 2 Prone Scorpion - 1 x 20

Core Training


Core Shred - 1 x 5 Min

Day 5

Dynamic Warmup & Hip | Glute Prep


*Rest 20 sec in between each set & exercise Glute Bridge March - 1 x 20 Banded Lateral Walk - 1 x 20Y Banded Hip Flexor Hold - 1 x 30 Sec/Side Quick Thigh Switch - 1 x 20 Triple Switch - 1 x 10 High Knees - 1 x 20 Sec Arm Swing Skips Forward - 2 x 20Y Arm Swing Skips Lateral - 2 x 20Y Leg Swing Complex - 1 x 20-20 *Forward & backwards - Lateral

Speed Training & Speed Endurance


5 Rounds: 100Y Sprint 100Y Retro Run 20 Push-Ups *Minimal to no rest between exercises *Rest 90 seconds after completing a round of exercises



Walking Lunge - 3 x 100Y

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