Longevity Lab

Women's Training, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Functional Training, General Fitness, Personal Training
J.T. Bugos

3 sessions per week
Must use App app to view and log training
Team Training

Build Strength for Real Life
The Lab takes training like an athlete and adapts it for you. You will look your best and feel your strongest, plus your workouts will carryover to real-life strength. Build your capabilities for all your activities — in and out of the gym.
Spend Less Time in the Gym
We pride ourselves on programming that doesn't take endless hours to get results. You're going to get efficient and effective programming so you can get stronger and leaner with LESS time spent in the gym each week.
Enhance Your Nutrition
Getting strong and lean isn't just about training. The proper nutrition will supercharge your hard work in the gym, and we aren't going to let you to miss out on that. Learn effective nutrition principles to complement your training and drive your results.
Optimize Your Lifestyle
We want to live long and strong, and your lifestyle is going to play a major part in living long. We're going to share the 4 lifestyle keys to longevity and help you seamlessly incorporate them into your life.
Join a Community
Dive into the group chat or hop on the weekly Zoom calls to connect with your coaches and community. Having like-minded people in your corner gives you support, accountability, and motivation.
Access to your coaches
Get professional guidance when you need it. Access your coaches via messaging, weekly community Zoom calls, and monthly 1:1 meetings.
Programming 3 days per week
Expect 3 days per week training that takes an hour or less to complete. Programs are updated every 6 weeks to ensure progression.
Education for More Than Just Training
We know there's more to the puzzle than training. You'll also receive coaching on nutrition and lifestyle to supercharge your results.
Form Breakdowns
Each movement has a technique video included. But for those exercises you feel need tweaking, easily submit a video in the group chat to get feedback.
Committed Teammates
You'll join a group of like-minded individuals who support, encourage, and motivate each other to get better every day.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Track your progress, see form videos, and get feedback all though the TrainHeroic app.
BarbellsDumbbellsKettlebellsBandsA conventional gym is recommended.
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This seems like more than just training... what all do I get?
We know it takes more than workouts to reach your goals, so we made this program accordingly. You will get unrivaled levels of support so you can overhaul not just your workouts, but your nutrition and your lifestyle as well. This is small group strength and nutrition coaching, but with a 1:1 feel.
How much support do I get?
You will have constant access to coaches via messaging through the TrainHeroic app. We will also have weekly office hours to get your questions answered as they come up, and every month you'll get a 1:1 coaching session. You will have multiple options for office hours throughout the week.
What equipment do I need?
A conventional gym will have all you need, so we do recommend that. A well-equipped home gym works as well if you have barbells and plates, dumbbells, and bands. Kettlebells and medicine balls would also be helpful, but we can always make modifications for the equipment you do have.
How long do the workouts take?
We pride ourselves on workout programming that is efficient and effective. We don't want you spending endless hours in the gym, so our workouts are about an hour in length (give or take a little).
When is a good time to start?
Now! Whenever you're ready, we're here for you. You don't have to wait for a new phase to jump in.
Is this only for people with specific goals?
Nope! Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or get healthier, this program will help you. The reason we provide so much support is so we can customize it to you and your goals.
Is 3 workouts a week enough to make progress?
Short answer: yes. Long answer: not only can you make a lot of progress in the gym in 3 days, but it's the days outside of it where we grow and adapt. By enhancing our recovery time, we can make even more progress than if we train more frequently, but can't adequately recover from it.
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When you join a team you’re getting more than programming, you’re joining an online community.

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