Sports Performance Training Program

Upward Human Performance

Brett Hart and Derek Ward

This program is used with REAL top athletes in middle and high school who we REALLY train in person who now play for collegiate institutions such as: University of Virginia, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, Georgetown, Stonehill College, and dozens of more collegiate institutions and dozens of more high school athletes who play for top local programs, start on their teams, and get faster and stronger than they ever have been before.

Every high school and collegiate athlete who dreams of standing out on the field, court, or track, this program is for you if you're committed to becoming stronger, faster, and more explosive.

We really run this program in our private training institution that we charge over $250 per month to get coaching on, that you now have access to for only $39.

This program will turn you into the best physical athlete you have ever been through proper strength training programming, speed training, biomechanics work, endurance, and much more.

Science Backed Programming
Science-backed means it's proven. When you follow it, you know you'll get good results. You won't waste time on stuff that doesn't help. AND some exercises can hurt you if done wrong. But with a science backed plan, with video instruction, you learn the safe way to train.
Proper Speed and Acceleration Drills
You will become faster you have ever been through proper sprint volume management, drills that specifically work on biomechanics (fixing that bad sprint form you might have), and learning the proper way to accelerate and maintain top speed for longer. This program is used on REAL atheltes who NEED to drop sprint times to be recruited, so it will work for you.
Track All Your Progress & Compete
As athletes, we are competitive. Which means we are always striving to win more, progress more, and beat our personal records. With this program, the exercises and tests happen in 3 week waves which means week to week you will be able to beat your record and compete against yourself. And at the end of each 12 week cycle, test your main lifts to shatter personal records.
Same Program we Run with D1 Athletes
This program is used by division one athletes down to local athletes trying to make their varsity team. No matter what level you are at, this program will work because you will able to adjust your weights, regress, or make movements more advanced. We ALL need to get stronger and faster which means mastering the basics ALWAYS.
Programming 5 days per week
Proper Splits of Training with Focuses on Upper & Lower Body Strength, Speed, Acceleration, Mobility, Injury Prevention, and Endurance
Exercise Video Instruction on Every Exercise
Instructional videos to show you exactly what to do and how to do it.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Easy to Use App To Manage all Your Training
Barbell // Dumbbells // Bench // Pull Up Assitance Bands // Slam Balls (Medicine Balls)
Trap Bar
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Sample Week
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coach-avatar Brett Hart

Director of Training, Thousands of Hours Coaching, Critquing, Studying, and Experimenting. Full Time Director of Athletic Performance, overseeing the training of over 300 athletes per year.

coach-avatar Derek Ward

Coach & Founder. Former Collegiate Athlete, over 10,000 hours training hundreds of athletes from Professionals to Youth.

Guaranteed Results.

Proven Program to work for Hundreds of Athletes. Become the Next Athlete on the UPWARD Journey.

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Will this program work even if I am a beginner?
YES. The program will work no matter if you are a beginner or a high level athlete. Why? Because the program is founded on the principles of mastering overall speed, acceleration, and strength. Most athletes over complicate their training, this keeps it simple and effective.
Will I need a bunch of equipment?
Yes and No. You can do this program with minimal equipment, however access to weights will be crucial. You can always get creative if you don't have the proper weights, but having access to a small gym will make this program much more effective.
Will this program work if I already see a trainer?
It depends on what you and your trainer are doing and if they are programming effectively for you. We have found time and again, the program most athletes are following are outdated and ineffective because the trainer isn't a Full Time Expert. We are.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Harrison Keith

Dartmouth College Football

Verified Athlete

"Because of Coach Derek and Brett my numbers on the field and in the weight room sky rocketed."

verified-athlete-avatar Triston Ward

Full Scholarship University of Virginia

Verified Athlete

"If it wasn't for the training my entire life working on my speed mechanics, strength, and mindset, I wouldn't be where I am today. (Triston boasts a 4.5 40 yard dash, 40 inch vertical, 10.58 100 meter dash, 300+ pound bench, 400+ pound squat)"

verified-athlete-avatar Lilliana Fleming

High School Lax Committ to North Mich U

Verified Athlete

"Upward has helped me increase my strength and speed so much. Not only that, but it has made me a better person. Upward has pushed me to make me a better athlete and a better person."

verified-athlete-avatar Lilly Montgomery

Sophomore High School Softball

Verified Athlete

"Upward has really helped me become a whole different athlete with much more confidence on the field and off. More strength with hitting and throwing, I have become way faster."

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Sports Performance Training Program
Sports Performance Training Program
Sports Performance Training Program
Sports Performance Training Program