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Ryan Jewers

Ryan Jewers

Team Optimal Bros is a Hypertrophy focused training program that consists of ongoing programming dedicated to optimizing our training with a science-based approach.

We will use the most up to date research within the exercise science literature to ensure that we are continuing to optimize our training protocol and exercise technique for the fastest muscle gains.

This means we will use the best training methods to build muscle as fast possible in the most efficient manner possible.

It is the level of attention to small details by me and the intelligently & consciously constructed programming that make this program so exceptionally effective for muscle gains.

With that said, if you are an avid follower of me, you know I don't play games when it comes to building muscle in the most productive manner.

..and I don't play them here. So if you are thinking about joining, do be ready to commit to optimizing your overall regimen for the best results possible.

If you're ready to learn from me, train harder than ever, join a community full of other optimal bros, and completely take the guesswork out of your training, then join in now and expect the results to come faster than ever.

Stop Guessing, Train Productively
Stop spinning your wheels in the gym wasting time trying to figure out why nothing is working. Take the guesswork out of your training by using science-based principles to optimize your program and exercise technique for the best results.
Access to The Best Coaching
Get direct access to me daily, and allow me to take complete control over your training. You can be confident I have the right tools to coach you to your dream physique. I have gathered the requisite knowledge through years of extensive studying & research as well as the experience via successfully coaching hundreds of individuals, both male and female for over half a decade.
Join a Strong & Supportive Community
You will immediately get access to our Team Message Board (Group Chat) where you can chime in to ask me questions, request form checks, and discuss / share anything fitness with other individuals just like you, who are aiming to optimize their training. Everyone will be doing the same training as you, on the same day. The days of you training alone are over.
Cheaper Supplements
Ekkovision is my personal sponsor and is the brand I use for my supplements. All team members will have access to a 20% off Ekkovision discount code (normally 10%) that can be used to allow for easier access to high quality supplements. Ekkovision prioritizes their formulas for the best performance and bang for buck. This code changes each month and can also be used on Ekkovision clothing.
Access to Me (Ryan Jewers)
You will get daily direct access to me within the phone app to help guide you along the way by answering all questions, assessing technique, and more.
Programming 5 days per week
5 days per week training programming each block. This is generally the sweet spot to allow for a good balance of intensity and recovery.
Demo Videos (Exact Exercise Technique)
You will have a detailed demo video for each exercise with exact instructions on how I would like it performed so there's no guesswork on your end.
Detailed, expert instruction
Beyond the training, I make an effort to ensure that you are always learning and provided all of the requisite details to optimize your training.
Committed Teammates
You're joining a team that is just as serious as you are, trains hard, and is committed to optimizing their training.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
I've partnered with the best tech in online training so that you get the training experience you deserve.
Conventional Gym
Lifting Straps // Lifting Belt // D-Handles
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Ryan Jewers

Ryan Jewers is a Bodybuilder & Fitness Coach that specializes in Hypertrophy Training. Ryan aims to use the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience he has gathered over years of extensive research & working with hundreds of clients to help all individuals reach their fitness goals. He is dedicated to providing the best experience and takes pride in creating a strong coach-client relationship.

Get The Best Results From The Best Training.

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What does science-based mean?
Science-based training means to read, interpret, and continuously stay up to date with the exercise science literature to help modify one's training for the fastest results.
Is Ryan Jewers really coaching me?
Yes. I will be active on the team message board all day, every day, asking and answering questions, assessing technique, etc. Additionally, all training programming is done by me personally, and only me.
Can I track my progress?
Yes. You will be provided a phone app to access the training programming where you can easily track all of your progress for each set and communicate with me whenever you like.
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When you join a team you’re getting more than programming, you’re joining an online community.

Optimal Bros
Optimal Bros
Optimal Bros
Optimal Bros