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Football , Rugby
Jon Brienesse

This Calendar is a Weekly Published continuous workout sessions that will comprise in programming from #1 Off-Season (Late Sept - Mid Dec) to #2 Christmas Period (Mid Dec - Early Jan) to #3 Preseason (Early Jan - Mid March) to #4 In-Season (Mid March - ~Aug) to #5 Finals Prep (~Aug - Mid Sept) which is a rough guide depending on the Start of the Season, # of Rounds, Finals Period.

We require a minimum 2 week deload/unwinding period post GF (Mandatory No Programming).

The Programming Blocks will consist of Hypertrophy - Strength/Conditioning - Explosive Power/Speed - In-Season Maintenance

This is the "Basic" overview but if you need any specific changes relating to goals or injuries, your individual calendar will be adjusted.

If you have a training partner, work together, push each other and compete.

Record as much as you can, any questions please use the General Chat or message me directly.

5 sessions per week
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Kawana Dolphins Seniors
Kawana Dolphins Seniors
Kawana Dolphins Seniors