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This is the ongoing daily workout for the members at CrossFit Nordic that have been training for a year or more. It focuses on being injury free, strong and having aerobic capacity at high level as well as getting better at CrossFit as a sport. It is the natural next step for those who have regularly been doing our "Dagens pass" and is in need of more volume and more challenging workouts.
It incorporates sound Strength and conditioning principles, crossfit and stuff woven into it that could be called prehab. We incorporate what we over time have found to work really good for most people, regardless of what training style it might fit into.
Apart from the general "get fit, stay fit and have fun"-approach, the program is divided into about 4 periods over a year. About 12-15 weeks at a time. Each period has an extra set of focus points. One or two skills, one or two strength expressions and maybe another ability.
Between every period we measure progress through a few standard tests. They are 3RM Back squats, 3/3"RM" Weighted High bar Lunge, 3RM weighted pull-up, 1/1RM Turkish-get-up and an extensive, varied aerobic test, involving low skill movements and a 2000m row.

The extra focus-points are also tested before and after periods to see change.

This program is made for our members, our coaches and our facility but it is a great program for anyone looking for something reliable and fun that lays a great foundation for more high level crossfit challenges.

The fitness program is meant to be done with 5-6 workouts per week. Mon-fri are the standard fitness workouts. Saturdays and Sundays are meant to be either complete rest days or have one of the days spent by doing a dagens pass workout (or maybe an individual workout, targeted at personal weaknesses).
Dagens pass on weekends: Saturdays will focus on more nasty workouts with a more obvious crossfit-touch. On top of that, Sundays are made to "team workouts" where you work in pairs or sometimes trios.

When you do not develop on the fitness-program, or you clearly feel that no matter if you push hard on each workout you feel like doing more, consider doing some more extra individual work on the side or take a look at our "Performance" program where the focus is competing in CrossFit as a sport. The volume, intensity and complexity is much higher. That program should not be followed if your intention is not to compete or if you do not consider yourself an athlete, as in any other high level sport.

7 sessions per week
Must use App app to view and log training
Team Training
More variation. Less linear progression.
Improve your athleticism and prepare for real-life challenges with our Fitness program at CrossFit Nordic. We focus on fundamental movements and varied training methods to promote adaptability and avoid linear progressions.
Developing and improving mechanics
Our Fitness Training Plan is designed to help you learn through practical experience. Each new training cycle introduces new concepts and methods to help you continue to grow and develop a more wholesome fitness.
A like-minded fitness community
A like-minded fitness community provides support, motivation, accountability, and opportunities to learn and share. It enhances your journey towards reaching your goals.
Programming 5 days per week
The Fitness program is designed to be followed Monday - Friday. The weekend is free and open to use your Fitness and recover.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Say goodbye to boring PDF workouts and hello to an easy app where you can log your training.
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready

A. 00:00 - 10:00


E2M X 5 sets; @70-80% Effort 1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch ___A. Don't stress each part of the complex. Focus on the highest quality for your setup and your general movement pattern. Let every part look crisp and snappy.

B. 15:00 - 30:00


"Helen" 3 Rounds for Time (15 min TC) 400m Run 12 Pull-Ups 21 KB Swings (24/16 kg) ____B. A old time favourite. Don't blow yourself up on the first round. Pace yourself put be curious about the boundries of the day. Aim for a nice flow in your pull-ups. USe your kip as efficiently as possible. Use your hip in a sensual manner to create momentum for the bell.

C. 36:00 - 48:00


Alt. E2M X 6 sets; @80+% Effort (3 rounds) C1. 6/6 DB RFESS; @AHAFA (2RIR) C2. 6/6 Single DB Push Press; @AHAFA + 3-9 Strict Chest to Bar Ring Pull-Up ___C. Divide into C/D if needed. Keep yourself within 2RIR (2 reps in reserve) throughout the 3 rounds. Change weights if needed to keep the feeling of 2RIR.

D. 52:00 - 64:00


Alt. E2M X 6 sets; @80+% Effort (3 rounds) D1. 8-12 DB RDL ; @AHAFA (2RIR) D2. 6-12 Strict Dips (2RIR) ___D. Divide into C/D if needed. Control your dips and do everything NOT to slouch in through the movement. Increase the rep-range of the dip if it feels too easy. Go for BW today. We'll do weighted ones on Thursday! KB Side Bend:


A. 00:00 - 10:00


E2M X 5 sets; @70-80% Effort 1 Clean + 2 Front Squats + 2 Split Jerks ___A. Move as efficient as possible. Let our legs do the work and maintain a tight frame. Your goal is to improve your rhythm and timing.

B. 18:00 - 36:00


E3M X 6 sets; @80+% Effort 2 Deadlift from dead start; @AHAFA 4 Straight Leg Box Jumps Remaining Time: slow AMRAP 10/10 DB Cuban Rotations ___B. Go heavier than you 3RM DL from 17/5/2022. Aim for a tight and perfect setup with a really good drive from the bottom.

C. 40:00 - 64:00


Alt. 2 min ON : 1 min OFF X 8 sets; @80+% Effort (4 rounds) C. Divide into C1/C2. Push hard during your 2 minutes and recover as well as you can manage during that minute. Don't blow your brains out the first 2 rounds.

C1. 2 min AMRAP


2 rounds of: 4-8 HSPU 4-8 TTB Remaining Time of 2 min: AMRAP Double-Unders ___C1. Increase your out put from last week on this piece. You got 30 more seconds of work time to cover as well. Push your limits slightly more than last week. (Tuesday)

C2. 2 min AMCAP


Cal. Echo Bike ___C2. Push hard for 2 minutes but don't blow your brain on this one. See this piece as a distraction for C1.


A. 00:00 - 15:00


15 min AMRAP (Slow and Heavy) 5/5 Single Arm Ring Row-/Pull- Hybrid 5 Weighted Harop Curls; @32X1 2X 10s L-Sit Hold ___A. Some variation in your strenght work. This will help you further. SA Ring Row/Pull Hybrid: Harop Curls:

B. 20:00 - 35:00


15 min AMRAP (Slow and Heavy) 8-10 Double DB Hollow Maltese Flyes (light to moderate load) 12m + 12m Partner Bent Over Rope Pull 8/8-10/10 Dip Supported Oblique Knee Raise ___B. A final piece with some odd strength. Play around in these new positions and see how quickly you can adapt to them. Hollow Maltese Flyes: Oblique knee raises:

C. 40:00 - 55:00


15 min AMRAP; @100% Power Focus 4-6 Explosive Sled Pull; @moderate load 4-6 Plyo Push-Ups onto 20 kg bumpers stack 4-6 Heavy Atlas Ball Wrestle Rolls (from side to side) ___C. A good combination of plyometrics in different modalities. Have fun with this one and don't stress. Plyo Sled Row/Pull: Plyo Push: Plyo Progression:


A. 00:00 - 12:00


E90s X 8 sets; @70-80+% Effort 2 Snatch ___A. Perfect setup with no stress between lifts. Don't go TnG. Aim for tight reps and only increase the weights if your satisfied with the mechanics.

B. 15:00 - 25:00


E2M X 5 sets; @70-80+% Effort 2 Clean and Jerks ___B. The same principles applies here as the first part. Aim for highest movement quality. Only increase the weights if your happy with the mechanics.

C. 30:00 - 45:00


E3M X 5 sets; @80+% Effort 3 Back Squats; @AHAFA (1-2 RIR) 3-6 Straight Leg Box Jumps ___C. Build up to a heavy-ish weight prior to the start. Try to push to a heavy weight without any fails!

D. 50:00 - 62:00


Alt. E2M X 6 sets; @80+% Effort (3 rounds) D1. 4-6 Strict Dips; @AHAFA (weighted if possible) D2. 4-6 Strict Chin-Ups; @AHAFA (weighted if possible) ___D. Some nice strength to finish the day. Focus on quality first before increasing the load. Make it challenging!


A. 00:00 - 30:00


For Time: @80+% Effort 2000m Row 50 alt Pistols or a suitable progression 25 Hang Power Cleans (50-70+/35-50+ kg) ___A. Look to the whole of this day. You have only a part A and a part B. This workout is an old regional workout from 2012. Try to push really hard on the first part. Don't burn out during the 2K row. Pace carefully but have an adaptive mindset to listen to what your body is trying to communicate to you. Choose a suitable progression if you feel that the pistols aren't a fully unlocked skill yet. Pick a challenging weight for your hang power clean. You should not be able to go either unbroken nor one rep a the time. Choose a weight somewhere in the middle for you

B. 40:00 - 60:00


20 min AMRAP (slow and heavy) 8/8 - 10/10 See-Saw DB Incline Bench Press; @AHAFA 8-10 Barbell Seal Row; @AHAFA 10/10 KB Side Bend (moderate - heavy) ___B. A nice finish. Get your muscles working as good as they can after the first part. Don't go too heavy. Your biggest focus is still quality over everything else! SS DB Inc BP: Barbell Seal Row: KB Side Bend:

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