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Rickard Walén

This is the ongoing daily workout for the members at CrossFit Nordic. It focuses on being injury free, strong and having aerobic capacity at high level. It incorporates sound Strength and conditioning principles, crossfit and stuff woven into it that could be called prehab. We incorporate what we over time have found to work really good for most people, regardless of what training style it might fit into. Apart from a general "get fit, stay fit and have fun"-approach, the program is split into about 4 periods over a year. 12-15 weeks at a time. Each period has an extra set of focus points. One or two skills, one or two strength expressions and maybe another ability.

This is a great program for anyone looking for something reliable and fun that lays a great foundation for more high level crossfit challenges.

We are open 7 days a week so there are no rest days planned, except for holidays in the Swedish calendar. Mon-fri are varied so that any given week day will contain different focus from week to week. Saturdays and Sundays will focus on nasty workouts with a more obvious crossfit-touch. Sundays also are made into "team workouts" where you work in pairs or sometimes trios.

Injury prevention
Over the years we have figured out what keeps people less prone to injury but still getting progress. What exercises we choose, which ones are combined and not, what we add in and not going too crazy on volume has proven efficient over time. Get fit and have fun with low risk.
Tried and tested
We have been making people fit since 2008. We constantly evaluate what we do and strive to be better. With so many members going through our training we get a lot of feedback and data. We don't have to guess.
A lot to choose from
Since we are open 7 days a week, you get a lot of workouts to choose from. The plan is designed to work even for someone who works out 6 days a week. You choose when to have your rest days. The way we construct the workouts, weeks and periods, you will still get "hit" overall, over time.
Programming 7 days per week
Get overall fit, no matter if you train 2 or 6 times a week.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Our program is well described and instructed in each and every workout. Easily accessible through the app.
Barbell + Weights, Barbell rack, Bench, Dumbbells, Kettlebells,
Bulgarian bag/Sandbag, Rings, Sledge, SkiErg, Climbing Rope (fre
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready

6 X 4 min on. 2 min off/transition (2 of each) @ 85-90% effort. Compare to 210516


A. Ammap 4 min:


30m Sled push forward (medium load) 30m Sled drag backwards (same weight + partner) _As a start and every min mark: 6 synced burpees (no need for clap) ___A. With a sled loaded so that it becomes heavy for backwards walking (including the partner), get going with this b**ch of a combo. Push with straight or bent arms but have eyes looking ahead to stay on track and avoid collisions. Then partner who has been walking along, cheering, takes place on the sled. Use the straps around the wrists to take strain of the grip in the backward walk. The burpees are calm and collected. The bottom and top position is synced with your partner, but you do not have to clap. So one person finishes both the forward push and the backward walk before the other takes over the sled work.

B. Amcap 4 min:


Row (with or without straps, damper <4) _Partner has to be in: Tucked L-sit (forearms on boxes, on AbMats) ___B. The row is efficient and methodical. Try to do the switches so that the fan does not come close to stopping. Partner puts forearms on boxes (with abmats for cushioning) and raises bent knees up higher than the height of the crease of the hip and stays there until a switch is done.

C. Amrap 4 min:


Atlas ball ground to over shoulder (medium-light. See instructions) _Partner has to be in One legged stand with light KB in front rack ___C. Stand over the ball, get a good grip under it. Lift it and toss it over your shoulder by using your whole body to do so. The weight is chosen so that you almost be able to do them all the way over the shoulder without switching to a hugging grip. Just barely. When you get tired, it should require that. Partner stands on one leg with a light kettlebell in front rack. You can switch side on the KB and which leg you stand on. This combo is the "kind" one, to allow the other combos to be grueling.


A. 2 EMOM-blocks X 7-9 sets (14-18 in total) @ 85% strength effort


1. EMOM X 7-9 sets: 1 Hang Power Clean (from below knees) + 1 Push Press or Push Jerk 2. EMOM X 7-9 sets: 1 Power Clean + Split Jerk ___A. Hook grip in start and release in rack. Calm start but accelerate towards full extension and slight touch on middle of thighs. Push floor away through feet, with whole lower body. Snappy rack and landing. Start the PP/PJ with extremely solid rack position, done as a shallow front squat, with bend at both knees and hips to load both legs and glutes. Bar does not move a millimeter until it leaves for either a forceful press or a graceful arm extension synced with a shallow squat landing. Power clean with very controlled (not necessarily slow) start. Split jerk is balanced and your focus is to find timing that is so good it almost surprises you how easy it is to nail a solid, effortless landing. Stick it, hold it, walk in and bring weight down with control.

B. E2M X 5-6 sets @ 85-90% strength effort


3-4 Back Squats @ 23X1 4 COVP Pull-ups @ controlled speed ___B. Back squats quite heavy. Solidly planted feet, upright posture and hard drive from glutes. Straight down and up. Respect the tempo and put breaks on, on the way down. Stay active in the pause in the bottom. Drive straight up without letting ass be pushed backwards in the start of the ascent. Pull-ups with hands gripping bar so that palms are facing away at about shoulder width or a bit wider. From straight arms until chin is clearly on top of bar. Pull shoulders back and down.


3 X 10 minutes pieces @ 85% overall effort. 2-3 min rest/transition between


A. Amrap, 10 min


10/10 Plank hip circles 10/10 fast Jumping lunges/split jumps with med.ball rotations 10 Knees to Elbows ___A. Plank hip circles are done on elbows with feet at shoulder width apart. Move hips in circles, as much down as up and as much right as left. Smooth continuous movement. Then hold the med.ball in belly height on slightly bent arms. Jump between lunge/split positions with balance and speed. Aim to land and directly re-bound out of an almost bottom lunge position. Knees to elbows are challenging but all reps are doable as unbroken sets. Adjust height and straightness of legs to attain that. Lead with knees. Knees apart but feet together. If you need to bend arms in top to reach physical contact between knees and elbows, do so.

B. Slow Amrap, 10 min


4/4 Half Turkish Get-ups @ medium-heavy (set down softly) 16 Box jumps (60/45cm, step down) ___B. The half turkish get-ups are flawless and done with high degree of focus. Focus on stability and control. Look at the weight. Come up to straight lower/support arm and then come down with control. Set down weight Softly. Do the box jumps with focus on foot work and efficiency. Stand up fully and then step off.

C. Amrap, 10 min


12 Thrusters @ light weight 12/10 cal. Row (w. straps, damp. <4) ___A. Thrusters with upright posture, solidly planted feet and beautiful squat motion evey rep. Bar rests an a solid rack in each bottom position. Elbows up in order to create that shelf. Bar close to throat. Let lower body do the work. Guide it up and finish with arms. Repeat seamlessly. Row with focus on efficiency and try to sync breathing and strokes to find kind of a flow.


A. E90s X 5-7 sets @ 85-90% strength effort


3-4 Dips @ 2011 ___A. Start the dips with a slight lean forward. Let the feet move to slightly behind you in the bottom position and then back to under you in the top. Respect and embrace the prescribed "tempo"

B. E3M X 5 sets @ 85% strength effort


3-5 Perfect posture Front Squats 6/6-8/8 One arm Dumbbell Row against support ___B. The front squats are upright, deep and solid. Firmly planted feet. Both heel, front foot and big toe push. Straight down and straight up. The rack is maintained throughout the movement. Bar close to throat and elbows high. Then support on bench or box with one arm and the other free to do a large rowing motion with a dumbbell. Keep back straight but let it rotate along with shoulder blade moving. Set dumbbell down softly.

C. Finisher. Amrap, 5-7 min @ 85-90% effort


1 X 5 Weight plate Curl + 5 Goblet Squats _Partner has to be in: Static Dumbbell Lateral raise (medium-light weight) ___C. So you accumulate as many reps/sets a as possible. One can not start weight plate combo until the partner is in active rest position. Hold weight plate on sides. Curl it in a controlled way without coming to a resting position. Then keep it in front of face and do beautiful squats. All curls, then all squats, then repeat. Switch at will. Partner holds Dumbbells on straight or straight-ish arms out to the side, at or right below shoulder height.


4 X 7 min Amraps @ 85% overall effort. 2 min rest/transition between


A. Amrap, 7 min


20+20m Farmer's Walk @ heavy-ish 6 Shuttle runs (30m) ___A. Lift the weights up with straight and walk with normal posture maintained. Run relaxed and shake off any tension.

B. Amrap, 7 min


7 Double Dumbbell Thrusters @ medium weight 7 Toes to bar ___B. DB thrusters are upright with a secure grip on DBs, letting the back of them rest on your shoulders in the "rack". All the way down and up on solid feet. Full extension. Breathe in a controlled manner. Toes to bar are challenging but mostly unbroken. Keep legs together. Move smoothly.

C. Amrap, 7 min


7 Hang power cleans w. 1s pause in landing (medium weight) 11 Push-ups ___C. Hang power cleans - hook grip in pull. Release in rack. Calm start but accelerate towards full extension and slight touch on middle of thighs. Push floor away through feet, with whole lower body. Snappy rack and landing. Keep body straight in the push-ups. All the way down and up. Look straight ahead along floor.

D. Amrap, 7 min


45s Jump rope 9 Sprawls ___A. Do the jump rope skipping in a version that allows for some reps in a row, but at a challenging level. Target sprawls are done from straight arm plank position with efficient and elastic jump in and then extending body to fully standing.


A. E3M X 5 sets @ 85-90% strength effort


5/5-7/7 VERY controlled High bar Bulgarian Split Squats ___A. Support for trailing foot at around the height of the lowest part of your knee, when standing. Focus on balance. Go down deep enough to almost touch the floor with trailing knee. Neutral posture throughout but slight lean forward at hips in bottom position. Knee can move forward over foot slightly, in order to maintain even pressure over front foot.

B. Alt. E90 X 10 sets (5 of each) @ 80-85% strength effort


B1. 2-5 Skin the cat B2. 12-15 Very controlled Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extensions ___B. Skin the cat in bar, hanging at about shoulder width, with thumbs facing inwards. Keep arms straight in skin the cat. You can bend legs and even use some initial speed but keep arms straight and control the eccentric phases. Lift/curl legs up into a meat ball position and raise hips up until hips are above you (feet and legs pass under the bar). Then gently extend the legs and lower the legs and go down with hips to or below the height of your shoulders if possible. Then, lying down on bench (either flat or with slight incline). Head almost outside edge. Hold two dumbbells with their "heads" resting against the meaty side of your hands. Keep arms almost vertical with thumbs facing backwards. Bend at elbows and bring dumbbells to beside/below/behind your head and extend again. Aim to keep elbows at the exact same point all the time.

C. Amrap, 5 min @ 90% overall and "pump" effort


7/7 Jumping Bulgarian Split Squats 3 Push-ups 2 Pull-ups _Aim to do the transition as a burpee-pull-up ___C. In the jumping BSS, do all on one leg before switching. Rear foot remains on bench or box. Focus on balance and height. Trailing knee close to floor in bottom. Be elastic and do Not jump as high as you can. Do the push-ups with body in straight line. All the way down and up. Look straight ahead along floor. Then seamlessly transition to pull-ups by doing the last push-up as a burpee up to the bar. Chin over bar. Solve that quickly and in a challenging version. Do it strict, use a slight kip or do them from a box or plate tower allowing for a "jumping" version.


Nordic Mastodont Workout - May ´22. A. In teams of three, go through 8 X 5 min on, 2 min rest.


Person 2 starts with 2 min delay. Person 3 with 4 min delay. Score is total reps of target burpees.



8 Toes to bar 22/19 cal. Row (with straps, damper <4) 8 Dumbbell Thrusters @ medium weight (decided by the devil's press) 8 Double DB Reverse Lunges (same DBs, hanging) 8 Double Dumbbell Devil's presses (same DBs) 8 Push-ups 8 Box jumps or step-ups @ 60/45cm 8/8 Alt. Diagonal V-ups Remaining time: Target Burpees (height not crucial) _Douche-drops with the dumbbells will result in a penalty of 15 points subtracted from the score. ___A. The toes to bar are unbroken and kept in rhythm. Row methodically and be very careful with the pacing. Going too hard on something like a row, this early in a workout like this is not smart. The only guideline is that it should be done under 2 minutes. With dumbbells at a weight that has been tested for the devil's presses, get them into a front rack and do calm thrusters. Firmly planted feet, deep sit with upright posture and press to full extension. 4 on each leg (alternating or not) in the reverse lunges. Focus on balance and control.

..continued instructions


No stress. Do not let the trailing knee slam into the floor. Put the dumbbells on the floor at about shoulder width. Do a sloppy push-up on them and then jump in as for a burpee but with feet wider than the dumbbells. In one motion, lift/pull/snatch/clean+press them up to overhead on straight arms as you also stand up completely to fully extended position. Get them down (with gentle set-down) and repeat. Push-ups are done with body in straight line. Look ahead, along the floor. Do the box jumps or step-ups with focus on foot work so there is no fumbling or stumbling. Extend to fully standing every time on top of the box before stepping off. Then lie on your back. Reach with right hand to left foot/shin and vice versa. Aim for as straight leg as possible and as high reach as possible. Burpees are calm and efficient. Keep counting and leave the total amount to your partner coming up behind you. As a team, you keep track of the total amount.

coach-avatar Rickard Walén

Programming CF Nordic's different plans since 2008. Helped numerous games athletes, weightlifters and of course a huge group of "regular people" who just want to get fit, stay whole and healthy but also having fun along the way. Big fan of using what works and have been incorporating "prehab", body building, strongman-stuff and odd movements since way back. Always a thought behind every detail.

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Nordic - Dagens Pass
Nordic - Dagens Pass
Nordic - Dagens Pass
Nordic - Dagens Pass