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Practice Brave

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Functional Fitness, Strength & Conditioning
Brianna Battles and Heather Osby

We Are Heather + Bri… Welcome!

Practice Brave is a strength & conditioning program for athletic moms who are looking for well-rounded training.

We Believe In:

Lifting challenging loads (heavy is relative!)

​Making sustainable progress (no quick fix)

​Giving consistent efforts (creating discipline through a flexible approach)

​Having fun + feeling great (actually enjoying it and seeing results)

​Health from the inside out (it’s more than just exercise)


Efficient, Effective, And Enjoyable
Strength & Conditioning Workouts to Help You Look And Feel Great, In Just 30-45 Minutes A Day.To Help You Look And Feel Great, In Just 30-45 Minutes A Day.
We Get Your Changing Body
Postpartum can leave you with a body that feels different or confusing. That feeling can linger for months or years after the birth of your baby. We are strength & conditioning coaches with a specialty in pregnancy & postpartum. We know how to guide you through experiences like prolapse, diastasis recti, & incontinence, & we teach you how to approach the program and navigate these experiences.
We Get Your Life
Gone are the days of spending unlimited amounts of time in the gym. Life with kids is chaotic, but your training doesn’t have to be.
Programming 3 days per week
3 days of warmups, strength, and accessory work to make sure you're feeling great.
Demo Videos
We've filmed each movement so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.
Detailed, expert instruction
Beyond just sets and reps, you'll get everything you need to execute each training session.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
We've partnered with the best tech in training so you get an online training experience that works as hard as you do.
Barbell + plates, 2-3 sets of Dumbbells, a Pull-up Bar, Bench, B
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Brianna Battles

Mom of 2 boys ​15 years coaching experience, including professional athletes ​Loves: sleds, jiu jitsu, breakfast burritos Hates: thrusters, small talk, slow walkers

coach-avatar Heather Osby

Mom of 3 girls ​13+ years coaching experience ​Loves: squats, lunges, cookies Hates: burpees, tempo work, loud breathing

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3 workouts a week, Coaches who get you, & Support and accountability from a community of like minded women!

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What Equipment Will I Need?
Limited Equipment Program: 2-3 sets of dumbbells, a kettlebell, bench, resistance bands. Optional but encouraged: pull up bar and box Full Equipment Program: A barbell + plates, 2-3 sets of dumbbells, a pull up bar, bench, box, resistance bands.
I'm Pregnant Or Recently Had A Baby, Can I Do This Program?
We LOVE pregnancy and postpartum fitness and this will be a great program for you AFTER you are out of those chapters. If you are pregnant, check out our Pregnant Athlete Training Program. If you are postpartum, we recommend that you first complete the 8-Week Postpartum Athlete Training Program.
It's Been Awhile Since I've Worked Out. Will I Be Able To Keep Up?
Yes! This program is for all ability levels, we can help you make the proper adjustments you need to make it work for you. Inside the app you can ask questions and get extra coaching! We also provide an onboarding program that you can complete before jumping into our regular programming.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Collette

Practice Brave Member

Verified Athlete

"I worked with Bri throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period. I wasn’t sure what I was ready for. I trusted this program to give me strategic structure vs random workouts. I’m now feeling stronger than ever and I’m so glad I took the time to rebuild my baseline of fitness."

verified-athlete-avatar Jordyn

Practice Brave Member

Verified Athlete

"I’m not a mom, but the programming was still great for me. I’ve built tons of strength and have PR’d several of my lifts. My clothes fit better and I’m able to get my workouts done in about 30 minutes in my home gym."

verified-athlete-avatar Desire

Practice Brave Member

Verified Athlete

"Between breastfeeding, a colicky baby, & a full time job, I had no extra time or capacity to drive to the CrossFit gym. This programming was perfect for the stage of life I was in. I did the full equipment workouts in 35 minutes a day, building strength in a way that was manageable for my life!"

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