Train of Command

Strength & Conditioning
Lindsey Grasis

Simple, effective ab program!

Less than 10 min per day

3 days per week, with an additional "test" day once per month.

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3 sessions per week
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Team Training
You do not need any equipment for this program!!Optional: 1 dumbbell or weight. 
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Sample Week
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AMRAP 7 (meaning as many rounds/reps as possible in 7 minutes of the below rep scheme) 20 Sit-Ups 40 Bicycle Sit-Ups (20 each side) 0:20 side plank, left 0:20 side plank, right Score is total reps. Each side plank counts as 1 rep, for a total of 62 reps per round). The video for side planks demonstrates the modified version as well as the standard version. We are looking for 0:20 of an unbroken hold if possible. Choose the option that allows you to do this. For the situps, you do not need to have an object under your lower back as the video depicts, but you may choose to do so if you have something to use! Rest as needed, but try your best to keep moving. Once you finish the side planks, start back from the top again with the situps. Proceed in this fashion until 7 minutes is up.




0:30 on / 0:30 off x 3 rounds - Russian Twists - Alternating V-Ups - Hollow Rocks *scale for hollow rocks and alternating v-ups can be seen in videos labeled as "modifications'. If you need to scale the russian twists, simply keep your feet planted on the ground. You may use a KB for the Russian twists if you’d like, but it’s not required. Flow is: 0:30 max russian twists, rest 0:30 0:30 max alt v ups, rest 0:30 0:30 max hollow rocks, rest 0:30 ^^ complete in that order for 3 total rounds "max" means as many reps as you can accumulate in that 30 second window. Score is total reps completed.




AMRAP 6 Max L-sit hold (can be completed from the ground, rings, or rig) *every break from the hold, complete 6 straight arm burpees L-sit demonstration and modifications shown in videos attached - be sure to watch if unsure! If you struggle to hold L-sit modification for minimum 10 seconds, please complete max plank with 6 straight arm burpees every break instead. Score is total time in L-sit hold (or plank)

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