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Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

You put in the time at the gym. CrossFit, yoga, endurance training, whatever is your thing. Still you are looking for that last piece to help make heads spin when you walk by, and perform better. This is your program.

Butts n Gutz is a killer core and glute program created to help grow your glutes, develop incredible leg definition, strengthen abdominal muscles, and create a strong sexy core.

Created to be a companion to your regular fitness routine whether that is CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, or hypertrophy training. Butts n gutz is the perfect add-on to help target those sometimes tricky areas for women to build and cultivate.

Thoughtfully designed through extensive education and experience by Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Butts n Gutz is developed by women for women.

Butts n Gutz pairs advanced functional bodybuilding methodology and functional fitness for women to help put extra focus into glutes and abs to help cultivate sexy stronger cores and glutes in combination with their other exercise routines.

Be Strong. Be Fierce. Be Beautiful. Be Alpha.

Built by Women for Women
Unlike other programs created by men who don’t share our unique physiology, all of our programs are created by Camille using her passion for science and extensive education in elite-level physical performance. Alpha Babe takes important factors like hormonal balance into consideration. No more peaks and valleys, just consistent high-level results.
Real Results
Our focus is sustainable, long-term results that make you look good, feel good, and perform at your highest level – in all aspects of life. Being a part of the Alpha Babe tribe gives you not only the program and guidance to get there, but also a tribe of Alpha Babes who support one another through-out the journey.
Access to Me
Welcome to the tribe of strong, fierce, powerful women. While you’re part of our tribe you will have access to our training, our community, and me. Our team chat is there so you can ask questions when you need help or support, send in videos for review, and be part of something bigger as we continue to develop this incredible community.
Programming 6 days per week
6 days of warm-ups, strength, and conditioning to make sure you've got everything you need in a meaningful training plan.
Exercise Video Guidance
Each movement in the program has been filmed by me so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.
Detailed, expert instruction
There is so much more than sets and reps, and you should expect to have every detail you need to get the most out of each training session.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
I've partnered with the best tech in training so that you get an online training experience that works as hard as you do.
Barbell + Plates // Dumbbells and Kettlebells // Squat Rack, Boxes, Bands, and Foam Rollers
Conventional Gym
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Buttz n Guttz
Buttz n Guttz
Buttz n Guttz
Buttz n Guttz