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Bodybuilding, Functional Fitness
Bryan Boorstein

Follow the exact evidence-based workouts done by Paragon Training Methods founder and programming expert, Bryan Boorstein.

This program is hypertrophy based, usually with 4-5 training days per week for 75-90 min / session.

The program is best suited for an Intermediate or Advanced trainee looking to take their training to the next level.

The objective is to maximize hypertrophy via specific exercise selection.

The majority of the training will use cables and machines to target specific tissue with a more direct stimulus.

The program incorporates Bryan's unique method of increasing effort week to week, and an understanding that SHORT and LENGTHENED overload movements need to be trained differently (i.e. DB lateral raise and Leg Press are not the same).

These different movements inherently have different stimulus and fatigue costs per unit of effort, and a completely different resistance profile (i.e. where the movement is hardest).

This is a low to moderate volume program, leaning on higher efforts (closer proximity to failure).

If you're passionate about hypertrophy training, building muscle, and bringing your best physique, Bryan's program is the one for you!

Professional Guidance from Bryan
Ask questions or post form check videos and get detailed coaching responses from one of the best coaches in the industry
Programming 5 days per week
4-5 days per week of very specific and targeted hypertrophy training. This program is not a program for newer lifters.
Access to Free Nutrition/Fitness Resources
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Detailed Workouts & Programming
Our app is loaded with instructions, movement demo videos, and workout tips so you know exactly how to follow our workouts and perform lifts correctly
Unmatched Community Support
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Barbell, Dumbbells, Bench, Cable Machine, Leg Curl Machine, Leg
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coach-avatar Bryan Boorstein

Bryan is a Hypertrophy expert. With 25 years of training experience and passion for movement and research studies, Bryan brings an incredibly unique approach to training and working out. Through specific exercise selection and execution, the programming is on the cutting edge of science, combining science with experience, anecdote and intuition. The training is sustainable and delivers results!

Take Your Training to the Next Level.

We've changed thousands of lives with our workouts and unique approach to workouts and fitness - we can't wait to change yours!

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How many workout days are programmed each week?
We usually operate off the calendar week. So cycles often appear as "6 sessions over 9-10 days" or "5 sessions over 8 days." Operating off the typical calendar week provides a ton of freedom with training, and allows you to more accurately listen to the recovery signals your body is sending.
How long will workouts take?
Usually 60-90 min, but it truly depends on a few factors: How many warm-up sets you typically need, and how long you rest between sets. Given that science is quite confident that longer rest is better, especially in the context of a low volume program, we encourage sufficient rest between sets.
What if I'm working out from home or don't have much equipment?
This program may not be a great choice for you. Try our Paragon Dumbbell Bundle instead! There's several programs to choose from and all you need is dumbbells and a bench or box.
What if I don't know how to perform a movement or lift?
No sweat! We have over 600+ movement demo videos uploaded into our app. Each workout section will have movement tips and videos, so you'll know exactly how to perform the workout and each lift. You can also get instant feedback from the Paragon team if you post a form check video!
Do workouts include cardio?
Cardio is completely optional, but is programmed in our app for those who want it! You can complete up to 3 potential cardio sessions per week and you can run, bike, swim, ruck, etc. You're also welcome to follow your own run/marathon plan, just make do your best to get 2 rest days each week!
What if I have nutrition, fitness, or programming questions?
Feel free to ask questions in our app or Facebook Community Group, we love giving detailed coaching responses! We also love when members share Form Check Videos so we can provide feedback on their lifting technique!
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Bryans Program
Bryans Program
Bryans Program
Bryans Program