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Tommy Hansen

Train to be an Athlete for Life! This program is designed for anyone of any age who wants to build their overall athleticism. Whether you are a competitive athlete looking to take your game to the next level or a retired athlete who wants to remain athletic as you age, this program is designed for you!

Athleticism is not only for the youth, it is for everyone. Many people continue to compete in recreational leagues long after their athletic careers are over, and many become immobile, unathletic, and put themselves at increased risk of injury. This program is designed to fix that and help you hold on to your athleticism and continue to build it for life.

In this program we use a unique blend of speed work, plyometrics, and resistance training backed by scientific principles to help you get stronger, run faster, jump higher, and build muscle mass.

Whether your a high school/college athlete looking to get an edge in your sport or a weekend warrior wanting to bomb drives down the fairway or throw down your first dunk, come join our team TODAY!

Build Life Long Athleticism
It does not matter how old you are, athleticism is for everyone! Training like an athlete long term will not only help you perform at a high level in your sports, but also help you feel better and perform better in your daily life.
Look Like an Athlete
Part of training like an athlete is looking good while doing it. You can get athletic and jacked at the same time. That's what we do.
Movement Exploration
Training can get boring and monotonous. That is why we like to keep a good variety of exercises and make training fun! Variety is the spice of life, and being able to solve movement problems is a large part of being a great athlete.
Access to your coaches
Frequently check in with your coaches and get feedback on how to make the program best for you!
Programming 5 days per week
Daily strength, speed, mobility, and plyometric exercises designed strategically to get you feeling & performing at a high level!
Delivered through TrainHeroic
All programs will be delivered directly to your phone through the TrainHeroic app. Exercise demonstrations, sets, and reps will all be included!
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready

If you truly lock in and give this program 100% effort, you will be on your way to reaching new levels of athleticism you never thought possible!

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Who's this training for?
This program is designed for anyone who wants to build their athleticism. It is for both competitive athletes as well as anyone who wants to move better, feel better, and perform better.
Does age play a factor in this program?
Nope! Being athletic is beneficial for everyone regardless of how old you are. Performing at your peak physical potential is important for people of all ages!
Does it matter what sport you play?
Nope! Jumping higher, running faster, and getting stronger are important physical qualities for all sports. Athleticism is universal, so these qualities have to potential to carry over to any sport that you play!
Do I need any training experience before starting this program?
Nope! Although prior training experience will help, everything in this program can be very easily modified to meet you where you are at. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you can modify things easily within the program to suit it best for you!
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Athlete 4 Life
Athlete 4 Life
Athlete 4 Life