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Shea Pierre

Test your strength, endurance, agility and speed with Shea Pierre’s 30-Day Shred Explosive Training Program.

Designed to take your fitness to the next level, over the next 30 days get ready to push through 3 specifically-designed workouts per week combining explosive HIIT, dynamic strength, plyometric movements, speed + reaction drills and more for the ultimate fat-burning, muscle-building, action-packed program you’ve ever experienced.

Connect here in the 30-Day Shred Explosive Training Program Group for tips for success and motivation from Coach Pierre and the community.

It’s just YOU vs. YOU and I’ll be here guiding and motivating you every step of the wait!  

Are you ready, Fam?!

Let’s SHRED.

Unlock Performance Like Never Before
You'll train using the best training methods that science and coaching has discovered to-date. As a result, you'll train smarter while putting in the optimal amount of "work" to achieve the best results. Ultimately, I'm looking to maximize progress and to unlock performance like you've never experienced before in your life.
Unlock Your Greatest Potential
In addition to this program, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at my daily routines and training. You'll get info on nutrition, mindset, and recovery protocols too! You get access to me & the rest of the community. You'll be part of our monthly book club, get access to the latest articles, and most importantly, we'll learn from one another and push each other to achieve GREATNESS.
Programming 3 days per week
Get a daily video explaining exactly what I expect from you each and every day of your training. 3 days of training each week to keep you progressing.
Follow-Along Vidoes
I've filmed detailed daily videos of each and every session so that you know how to execute what's in your training plan.
Detailed, expert instruction
There's more to our training than just sets and reps. Expect that I'll detail what I need regarding tempos, rest times, and exercise substitutions.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
I've teamed up with the best tech in the game. TrainHeroic is used by professional athletes and the most elite special forces. We're doing this right!
Light Dumbbells
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 4-week program
Explosive Blast HIIT Workout 


Day 1 - 30 Day Shred Explosive Training Program

Metabolic Blast Workout


Day 2 - 30 Day Shred Explosive Training Program

Game Day Training Workout (Round 1)


Day 3 - 30 Day Shred Explosive Training Program

coach-avatar Shea Pierre

A Father & Loving Husband First, Sports Performance Coach, Former Professional Football Player, Entrepreneur and Motivator. My success comes from humble beginnings when I started training athletes in my basement. I then went on to fuel my passions by becoming a college and then pro head strength coach. ⁠I've worked with over 50,000 athletes worldwide.

What does the best version of YOU look like?

Let's Chase Greatness Together!

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At Home Athlete Program