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Scott Pearson

As the start of the competitive season approaches, many cyclists may find themselves struggling with fatigue and balancing your off-bike training with increased on-bike sessions. This can lead to a decline in performance and potential injury.

The Ramp plan addresses this by providing a plan specifically designed for the later stages of preseason training.

With a focus on managing the increasingly difficult balance between on and off bike training, we'll manage fatigue while maintaining the progress made during earlier phases of training.

The strategic approach of the plan optimises training time and helps you prepare for a successful competitive season.

  1. On-bike sessions per week: None. This is an off-bike only program.
  2. Off-bike sessions per week: 2-3 mainly including strength work, but there are also mobility and high-performance recovery training sessions throughout the phase.
  3. Typical time of year: Preseason. I recommend starting this around 2 months before your season begins.
  4. Level of rider: Any.
  5. Level of gym: Beginner/Intermediate. Some strength training experience would be helpful.
Improved riding performance
By focusing on progressively reducing strength training volume, this plan is perfect for cyclists balancing their training at this time of year. This enhances your performance and be better prepared for the upcoming season.
Reduced fatigue and overtraining risk
This plan reduces the risk of overtraining and burnout by managing fatigue and recovery, optimising your training to be ready to perform at your best when it matters most.
Enhanced event readiness
The Preseason Ramp - Lite plan helps you become race-ready by fine-tuning your physical preparedness so that you can confidently take on the challenges of the season.
Access to me - Olympic level coach
I'll use my years of experience to give you the best advice. Use TH chat to send videos and I'll form-check your technique.
Programming 4 days per week
2-4 strength sessions, blended with mobility, recovery training and regeneration are combined together.
Exercise Video Guidance
My instructional videos of every exercise make execution safe & easy.
Expert help & advice
With nearly 2 decades in professional sport I've been there and got the t-shirt. Now I'm here to help you!
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Get the best out of training with long-term, consistent improvements by tracking your progress in the best training app around.
Bar & Discs // Bench // Bands
Dumbbells // Cable Machine // Cross-Training Equipment (any)
sample week banner image
Sample Week
Week 1 of 8-week program
👋 Phase & Block Introduction

Phase Introduction


👉 For more information on this training phase, follow this link: ◼️ https://share-docs.clickup.com/6606969/p/h/69m3t-63728/aef542b5fd03bba

Block Introduction


👉 For more information on this training block, follow this link: ◼️ https://share-docs.clickup.com/6606969/p/h/69m3t-68724/82447cef48d2bf3


Massage Therapy


👉 OPTION 1 - Professional Therapist. If possible, use a professional therapist to give you a full-body relaxing massage. 👉 OPTION 2 - Self Massage. Give yourself a gentle massage using a foam roller, massage stick, massage ball, etc.

Water Immersion


👉 OPTION 1 - Pool ◼️ 5-mins floating (as deep as possible) ◼️ 5-mins choice swimming (low to moderate intensity) Repeat x 2 👉 OPTION 2 - Home bath ◼️ 20-mins immersion in warm water (as deep as possible)

Contrast Bathing


👉 Alternate between 2-3-mins hot and 1-min cold for 2-4 repeats. 👉 The larger the temperature difference, the better. 👉 Whole-body immersion.

Controlled Meditation


👉 Many methods but the easiest way is to use a guided meditation app such as: ◼️ Calm ◼️ Headspace

💪 [STRENGTH] 3.1-IA1



🧘‍♂️ Full Body Foam-Roll

👉 Use a foam roller on the following body parts: ◼️ Thoracic Spine (Upper Back) x 15-20 ◼️ Lumbar Spine (Lower Back) x 15-20 ◼️ Glutes x 30s per side ◼️ Calves x 30s per side ◼️ Quads x 30s per side



🧘‍♂️ [RAMP] Mobility Warm-Up #01

👉 Complete the following movements: ◼️ Groiner x 8-10 each side ◼️ Posterior Pelvic Tuck x 5 each side ◼️ Spiderman with Elbow Drop x 5 each side ◼️ Back-Roll to V-Sit x 8-10 ◼️ Crucifix x 8-10


Feet Elevated Plank

3 x 20


Half-Kneeling Diagonal Press

3 x 8


Back Squat

2 x 5



2 x 5


Bench Press

2 x 5

🟢 HPRT #2.2



🧘‍♂️ [RAMP] Mobility Warm-Up #07

👉 Book Opener x 8-10 per side 👉 Single-Leg Calf/Ankle Rock x 15-20 per side 👉 World's Greatest Stretch x 5 per side 👉 Couch Mobilisation x 60 seconds per side



💪 McGill Big 3

👉 McGill Big 3 ◼️ 4x McGill Twisted Curl-Up with 10s pause ◼️ 30s x Side-Plank ➡️ Windmill for middle 10s ◼️ 6x Bird-Dog with 3s pause ➡️ Bring knee and elbow together each rep Repeat x 3 circuits



💪 Hip Circuit #01

👉 Complete the following circuit: ➡️ Work barefoot, if possible ➡️ Fight to keep your balance ◼️ 5x Arabesque (es) ◼️ 15x Hip Hitch (es) ◼️ 3x Clock Steps (es) Repeat x 3 circuits



💪 High-Threshold Stimulation #02

👉 Complete the following circuit: ◼️ 5 x Sitting-Jump ◼️ 3x Half-Kneeling Dumbbell Snatch (es) ◼️ 15m x Suitcase Carry (es) ➡️ Only take small steps and avoid leaning to the side



👉 10-min x Recovery Zone Intervals ➡️ Use any cardio equipment, such as bike/row/treadmill. ➡️ Drive HR to top of the blue zone in 15s 👉 Rest 45s




👉 Belly Breathing x 5 👉 Neck Nods x8 👉 Neck Turns x8 👉 Heel-Sit T-Spine x6/6 👉 Narrow Stance Rocking x6 👉 Wide Stance Rocking x6 👉 Posterior Pelvic Tuck x5/5 👉 Rocking Calf/Ankle/Hamstring Stretch x 8/8 👉 Inchworm, Spiderman Lunge, Hamstring Stretch x4

coach-avatar Scott Pearson

Scott has worked in pro sport since 2003 and is known for his work with British Cycling, coaching Olympians and Paralympians in preparation for the 2016 games in Rio. While working full-time, Scott also commits himself to his professional development, having completed a Masters degree in Strength & Conditioning and becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist by the UKSCA.

Be the rider you want to be

Proper off-bike training is the key to becoming robust, efficient and powerful in the saddle. I look forward to working with you and having us join our community of strong cyclists all over the world. See you on the inside! 🚴💨

Get Ramp
What is the primary focus of the Ramp plan?
The objective of this plan is to help you manage your on and off bike work efficiently, so that you can maximise the benefits of both. Over the 8 week block, gym work volume will reduce to make way for more time on the bike.
How long is the Ramp plan?
The plan lasts for 8 weeks and is broken down into two four-week blocks and is specifically designed for the later parts of preseason training.
Can I customise this program?
This is a pre-written plan that is specifically designed for cyclists at this stage of the year. I have provided alternatives for every gym-based exercise, so you can work effectively no matter where you are or what equipment you have access to.
How should I manage my strength sessions?
Off-bike sessions are planned to give you enough time to get on the bike, however if you need to complete two sessions on the same day, complete your gym work before intervals, but after endurance sessions. The greatest adaptation will be generated by the session closest to sleep.
Will I still make gains in strength with this plan?
Although the focus is on strength maintenance rather than driving further adaptation, you will still be able to improve strength if you stick to the plan, particularly if you are relatively new to gym training