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Functional Fitness
Stephen Kiely

2 weeks of Holiday fun in the sand. You just need a Towel, some cones and a couple of heavy duty shopping bags to fill with Sand.

3 sessions per week
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Program Training
The Beach WODs
FITNESS- Build fitness, speed and power in a new challenging format. The sand Changes everything and moving fro wet sand to dry sand gives you even more options to challenge yourself POWER- Big focus on movement, speed and power production and if you repeat the 2 weeks and keep them progressive will get you moving better than you could imagine
Beach Functional Fitness
The sand changes everything. We build stability, fitness, strength and power whislt also teaching our bodies to load on unique surafces. The program can then modify itself just by cahnging WHERE on the beach its performed... I the water, on the wet sand or the soft dry sand... You could even use Sadn dunes to really get thise legs pumping
Programming 3 days per week
3 Sessions to do On the beach for either a new challenge, some fun or to keep fit and strong on holidays
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 2-week program
Beach Session 1


4 Cone Box Drill

Push and Sqaut


Go Between 2 cones 5m Apart 10-1 Squats 1-10 Push ups DO 10 sqauts, Run 5m and at cone do 1 Push Up. Run Back do 9 squats, another run 2 push ups. Repeat until you have completed it and do 1 Squat and 10 Push ups

Bear Crawl lunges


Absolute Leg Burner. Set 5 cones out each 3m Apart. Lunge to the First Cone then Bear Crawl Back, Lunge to the Second cone, then Bear crawl Back.. 1 Full Shuttle is getting to the last cone and crawling back.. repeat for 8min. each cone is One rep

Beach Day 2


5 Cone Zigzag Drill

1 x 3

Core and Move


Set 3 Cones in a Triangle 5m Between Them Cone 1 20 Sit Ups Cone 2 50 Flutter Kicks Cone 3 MAX Plank Hit the Movement then Walk with HIGH KNEES to the next cone for the next movement. Take your towle between cones if you prefer to lay on it. Complete 3 rounds as Fast as possible BUT Only walking with HIGH Knees between movements


Max Effort Broad Jump

3 x 3


Pike Pushup

3 x MAX


Sit Thru

3 x 10



200m Sprint

Perform 3 200m Sprint. Rest is your walk back to the start

Beach Day 3


Zig Zag Side SHuffle to COnes


5 Cone Zigzag Drill


3 Cone Drill



4 Rounds. MAX Push Up 10 Sit Ups 10 Tuck Jumps 20 Walking Lunges Backwards Run to the start Position.

Shopping Bag circuit


Fill 2 Shopping Bags with Sand 3-4 Rounds MAX Bag Curls* Farmers Carry 30m (Both Bag) 15/15 Bent over BAG ROW (Single Arm) Farmers Carry Back *Curl One bag with a Hand on each handle like Bicep Curls

coach-avatar Stephen Kiely

Head Coach at Be Strong Training. We take people from average to extreme versions of themselves. Stronger, Fitter, more mobile and just overall more badass!

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