Joe DiStefano and Marissa Estep

When it comes to delivering online training programs, the trainer’s goals are simple:

  1. Deliver a program that’s easy to write and easy to follow.

  2. Ensure the trainee gets sweaty and sore each time they train.

And for some people, of course, these programs can work. Hell, if you get sweaty and sore enough, you’re bound to burn calories and get fit.

Sadly, for those who want to follow a program that’s going to tackle the areas of health and fitness that often get overlooked by novice or online trainers, such as breathwork, which have the power to get them physically fitter and metabolically healthier at the same time --- there are very few options.

And if they do find an option, they are expensive. Often $300-$400 per month or more.

But now that’s Endur-Strong.

Endur-Strong is for people who want to get aerobically fit, strong, and durable all at the same time using kettlebells and other equipment they have at home.

Endur-Strong is also the perfect program for those looking to run 5-10K road races or begin to train for a half or full marathon.

Workouts that are "just right!"
It's often challenging to find workouts that challenge you enough, without destroying you for the rest of the day. Endur-Strong is meant to be such a program that ensures you can increase your energy and feel great for tomorrow's workout!
World-Class Coach Support
Ask your questions and get them answered in real time by Coach Joe and Marissa. We will be on hand to facilitate your growth as an athlete. This type of accountability can drastically increase your consistency in the program and allow you to experience even better results!
This program, not only works to increase your capacity, but does so without hours and hours of pounding pavement. This saves you years for more running and the best part, with little to no pain. Plus, this program provides the strength work needed to support the muscles that help you run. Increasing longevity in the sport and increasing your performance at the same time.
Coach Support
Professional support that provides motivation and insight where you need it most.
Programming 7 days per week
Methodical training delivered daily that prioritizes aerobic training, strength, conditioning, and recovery.
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to guide your workouts flow easier and ensure perfect execution.
Detailed instructions
Each days workouts are thoroughly explained to ensure you perform each day flawlessly.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Sweating over a lifeless PDF is so last year!
Kettlebells // Fanbike or Rower // Pull-Up Bar // Plyo Box
Suspension Trainer
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 13-week program
Week 1 Day 1



30:30 for 20 minutes

30:30 for 20m: Alternate Work sets with either Swings or Get Ups. Switch sides on the Get Up work period as one rep should take the entire 30 seconds. As for Swings, try to hit the same number of reps each set, ensure 13+ reps per work period. So the workout looks like this: Minute 1: Swings, ~15 reps Minute 2: Get Up, 1 rep, weak side. Minute 3: Swings, ~15 reps Minute 4: Get Up, 1 rep, strong side. ...and so on for 20 minutes.


MAF Aerobic

4 x 4:00 @ 4:00

Week 1 Day 2


MAF Aerobic

0:03, 0:05, 0:07




Complete the following AMRAP for 40m. Cycle 5/10/20 Steps/Cals/Reps of the following three exercises for 40 minutes: a) Step Ups or Walking Lunges with a light bell. b) Calories on cardio or equivalent c) Swings. So the workout looks like this: 5 Step Ups per leg, 5 Calories on the bike, 5 Swings, 10 Step Ups per leg, 10 Calories on the bike, 10 Swings, 15 Step Ups per leg, 15 Calories on the bike, 15 Swings....back to 5 Step Ups per leg, 5 Calories on the bike, 5 Swings, 10 Step Ups per leg, 10 Calories on the bike, 10 Swings, 15 Step Ups per leg, 15 Calories on the bike, 15 Swings....and so on for 40 minutes. Note how many rounds in comments.

Week 1 Day 3


Strict Military Press

5 x 2


Death By Carries 2x5m. Rest 60s between sets.

2 x 5:00



2x10 min AMRAP

10m AMRAP 20m* Shuttle Run + 10 1-Arm Swing + 5 Goblet Squat + 3 Push-Up. Rest 5min 10m AMRAP 20m Shuttle Run + 10 1-Arm Swing + 5 Goblet Squat + 3 Push-Up *GOAL: match scores to above ***Important note: In this program the letter "m" is used as shorthand for both the word "minutes" and "meters". 10m AMRAP, the "m" equals "minutes"...you cannot have a 10 "meter" AMRAP. 20m Shuttle Run, the "m" equals "meters".... you'd never do a 20 "minute" shuttle run in a 10 minute AMRAP :)

Week 1 Day 4


Unbreakable Get Up Test

1 x 12:00

Calorie/Push Up/Carry Ladder


Complete a 20 -1 rep/calorie ladder/death by carry (add 0 for distance in meters/set), counting down by 2's, using push-ups and your cardio equipment. So the workout looks like this: 20 calories + 2 push ups + 200m Carry. 18 calories + 4 push ups + 180m Carry. 16 calories + 6 push ups + 160m Carry. 14 calories + 8 push ups + 140m Carry. 12 calories + 10 push ups + 120m Carry . 10 calories + 12 push ups + 100m Carry. 8 calories + 14 push ups + 80m Carry. 6 calories + 16 push ups + 60m Carry. 4 calories + 18 push ups + 40m Carry. 2 calories + 20 push ups + 20m Carry.

Week 1 Day 5



10/20/30 Steps/Reps/Cals in 60m. [Weighted] Step Ups, Bike/Ski/Row, Swing / Mountain Climber. So the workout looks like: 10 Step ups 10 Mountain Climber or Swing 10 Calories (bike/row/ski) 20 Step ups 20 Mountain Climber or Swing 20 Calories (bike/row/ski) 30 Step ups 30 Mountain Climber or Swing 30 Calories (bike/row/ski) Repeat for 60 min (back to 10) I know these workouts feel long sometimes, but they build amazing endurance.

Active Recovery



1 x 1

Week 2 Day 0


MAF Aerobic

1 x 30:00

coach-avatar Joe DiStefano

Joe has been coaching high performing, collegiate, and professional athletes for nearly two decades. And as years of attempting to train athletes who were simultaneously attempting to manage recurring injuries, gut problems, emotional issues, and the like - his specialty evolved into the development of unconventional approaches that allowed athletes to train hard but still live well.

coach-avatar Marissa Estep

Marissa has run countless obstacle, road and trail races over the past 5 years. In this time she coached others to do the same. In that time she realized (from personal experience) that constantly running and adding more miles was not the answer to a good running program, but a good answer to injury. Now she strives to give the best workout programs to prevent injury and maximize results!

Signing up for my first marathon. Is this the right program for me?
Yes, especially if you are new to running and this is your first race. This program builds general fitness and prepares you for races up to 10k. If you have not yet built your aerobic base, this is a great place to start.
Will I have access to coaching?
Yes! Joe and Marissa will be on hand to answer any legitimate questions you may have to help you achieve the best results. Now, if it's a question like, "Are you trying to kill me?" that may not be considered a real question (and we promise we aren't!)
Can I switch the equipment I'm using if I have access to all forms?
You can, but we recommend sticking to one form other than running to maximize results! If you want to go through it more than once, you can switch machines then.
Is this just running? Do I need to supplement with other programming?
You should not have to and if you want to avoid under recovery we recommend you don't! This is the whole shabang. Designed to build strength, aerobic capacity and even speed. It has all that you need to support your running needs