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Chris Deavin

Starting a new challenge at any time in your life is difficult. It is even more difficult as you get older. But not impossible. 

Through the right coaching and training, anything is possible. 

As a running coach and as someone who has run multiple Ultra Marathons over the age of 50, I know what it takes to not just to complete one but to condition properly to be able to do it again. 

Running an Ultra Marathon is predominately a mental challenge, but if you don't physically condition the body properly, the mental side is even more challenging.

No matter where you are on your Ultra Marathon journey, my training plans will not just help you complete your first Ultra or your 50th; they will also help you perform at your best and recover quickly. 

My Base Plan is ideal for people who are looking to start training for an Ultra or trying to get back into training and allows plenty of recovery and building of endurance without the a huge time commitment. 

6 sessions per week
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Ultra Marathon Training
Ultra Marathon Training
Ultra Marathon Training
Ultra Marathon Training