Gym Perform Play

General Fitness, Endurance, Strength & Conditioning, Tactical / Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Custom Programming, Triathlon, Obstacle Course Racing
Coach Woolley & Coach Jackson

Gym Perform Play FOUNDATIONS is the perfect entry level training program, if you are new to the gym, in sports or want to kick things off with the included minimal equipment at home sessions. Designed by world-class coaches and athletes and backed by science & tested training methodologies. You will receive our "GPP Training Bible" , which provides an in-depth exploration of the principles and techniques used in our program.

We utilise the General Physical Preparedness (GPP) approach, which helps clients to build strong foundations in overall physical fitness, including work capacity, recovery, muscle mass, neuromuscular adaptations, movement integrity, technique and skill development, and injury resilience. Clients can expect to enhance their strength, endurance, and athleticism, and smash your personal fitness goals, whether it's running your first 5km, becoming stronger for work whether it be emergency services or physical labour, or competing in hybrid races such as Triathlons, Hyrox and OCR.

Join a group of like-minded athletes who you can work alongside. Be supported by our two head coaches, who are here every step of the way to assist with any questions and pump you up!

6 sessions per week
Must use App app to view and log training
Team Training
Aerobic Engine Building
This program will give you the tools to properly train your energy systems by using proven polarised conditioning methods, not only enhancing your work capacity and stamina, but improving recovery from intense bouts of work, assisting your strength in the gym and for daily life. Options for those who don't run are always an option.
Look Good Naked & Get Strong
The Program will place a big importance on helping you to look good naked and pack on lean muscle, while improving your overall strength to help bust through plateaus and live life with ease. We will teach you how to take a new look at strength training, giving you a durable body to withstand anything life throws at you!
Benchmark Sessions & Skills Development
Throughout the program we will test your improvements in both Strength & Energy Systems, on both ends of the spectrum, being able to see what areas need more attention. You will learn to run efficiently (if you chose to run) with proper mechanical skills development, and learn how to pace workouts by becoming more in tune with how your body responds to aerobic and anaerobic stimulus.
Programming 6 days per week
Daily strength, conditioning, and skill training that’s accessible and challenging for athletes of any level or background
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy
Committed Teammates
A vibrant community that will keep you pushing to unlock your best
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Sweating over a PDF is so last year. Your coaches and team will push you harder, know you better, and keep you going longer, all through an app.
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Sample Week
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