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Wes Murray

Join our team of individuals who value their Appearance as much as their Strength! You'll have access to the same workouts performed by Elite powerlifters to build an impressive physique and impressive performance.

As part of our team you will be able to keep track of your personal records and see how your performance ranks among others on the team! The workouts are different every day but still build off of the previous week to create progressive results. You will likely learn new exercises! Come join a new training experience!

Programming 4 days per week
Strength training workouts that will push you to get results while still being able to be performed by those who are newer to training!
Committed Teammates
Training partners are one of the most overlooked contributors to progress! Now you can motivate others with your progress and train with your team!
Versatile TrainHeroic App
The app allows you follow pre-written workouts, interact with your community, and track your progress no matter where you choose to train!
Barbell // Plates // Dumbbells // Adjustable Bench
Squat Rack // Bands // Cable Column
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Wes Murray

Wes Murray is the Head Strength Coach of a performance facility with his Masters degree in Exercise Physiology. His experience includes coaching NFL, MLB, Olympic, NCAA athletes and powerlifters. Coach Wes also played D1 college football and currently competes in powerlifting.

Eliminate Plateaus

If you're doing the same workouts all the time then there are a lot of important aspects of training that you're missing out on! With our program you will have workouts written by those who have already put in the time to figure out what works and how to g

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