TCT Lacrosse Blueprint

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Trevor Cyr and Cody Stahl

The TCT Lacrosse blueprint was created to provide a realistic approach for high school to PRO level lacrosse players.

The Blueprint focuses on developing a lifestyle that is specific to the lacrosse athlete.

We follow a yearly schedule that works around fall ball, spring season, and the summer recruiting circuit.

TCT lacrosse athletes must be agile, strong, fearless, and consistent. We utilize scientifically-proven programming that targets the abilities needed in lacrosse - meaning that those following the blueprint don't waste their time on guessing what to do.

Every session is written by Trevor Cyr, Owner and President of TCT, & High Performance Director for Edge Lacrosse Academy. He is assisted by Cody Stahl (CSCS), to help refine the details needed in the Lacrosse Blueprint.

Our approach will leave no doubt in your ability to create athleticism. TCT’s network of professional and certified coaches will continue to evolve because we believe in approaching life with a growth mindset, and WANT to lead from the front!

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Become an Athlete, not a Meathead
Being a lacrosse athlete means engaging with the process. It means consistently learning about your abilities and fears in sport. TCT Blueprint Athletes should expect to work as smart as they do hard. We want to build fitness AND express it on the field.
The Blueprint Community
Being a part of a virtual community comes with more benefits than you think. We want to know when you achieve greatness, and celebrate these milestones with you!
Proven Results
Trevor & TCT have been coaching lacrosse players for over half a decade. We have led hundreds of athletes who have trained under the TCT approach, many of which are still making incredible strides on our programs
Plan Ahead
Your calendar will show programming one week in advance. The Lacrosse Blueprint is planned 3 months out, but is adjusted every week based on the results and readiness score you provide us. Fine-tuning the process is important to how TCT operates.
Programming 4 days per week
Weekly strength, conditioning, and skill training that’s accessible and challenging for the Lacrosse Blueprint Athlete.
Mental Performance Exercises
Structured mental training exercises to cultivate your inner strength will take place once a month.
Exercise Video Guidance
Exercise demonstration videos are provided to guide you through the Blueprint. Send us a video of YOUR technique too!
Delivered Through the TrainHeroic App
Your coaches will push you harder, know you better, and keep you going longer, all through an app accessible through any smartphone.
Typical Gym Membership
Access to Sports Field
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Trevor Cyr

Coach Trev is the owner of Take Control Training. He is a dedicated, consistent, and honest performance coach that is passionate about his athlete's success in more than just sport. Trevor spends his days focused on leading athletes through engaging and challenging training programs that allow TCT athletes to discover their full potential.

coach-avatar Cody Stahl

Cody Stahl is the chief programming officer for Take Control Training. Coach Cody has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the past 5 years and is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Human Performance at Oklahoma State University. Cody has a background with specific training and expertise in conditioning methods for youth and collegiate athletes, as well as military personnel.

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Who is this program for?
This program is recommended for those 16+ years old who have access to a complete gym and sports field throughout the week.
Is there a contract?
Your subscription is month to month, and you can change it at any time.
Where should I start?
Jump right in and start today. No need to "go back to cycle 1". Don't be that person who "starts tomorrow". Waiting is the first step to accomplishing nothing.
How does video analysis work and how do I receive coaching?
Upload your lifting videos directly through the TrainHeroic app or copy / paste a link from your favorite social media or video hosting platform (Instagram, YouTube, Google Drive). Our coaching staff works around the clock to give you personalized feedback on your lifting videos.
Can I sign up if I am located outside of the USA or Canada?
Yes, our online teams and programs are delivered through the mobile application TrainHeroic, which is available to athletes and coaches worldwide!
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Connor Kearnan

New York Riptide, NLL

Verified Athlete

"Trevor's ambition for perfection & willingness to educate is the reason I asked him to train me for the upcoming NLL season. Training with TCT is a lot more than just lifting weights or running. It's training you to be mentally tough and aware so you can attack any situation life throws at you."

verified-athlete-avatar Jackson Webster

NCAA D1 Lacrosse

Verified Athlete

"The one thing I always want people to remember when I get a chance to play, coach in this sport is to be intentional. Coach Trev is intentional in his approach. He reminds us of that being a TCT athlete makes it bigger than myself, that we are setting an example of how to do things the right way."

verified-athlete-avatar Bryce Tolmie

New York Riptide, NLL

Verified Athlete

"Joining TCT as an athlete has giving me everything I need to succeed at my highest level and then some. To anyone that wants to improve not only their physical ability but also mental focus as well, I would recommend TCT in a heartbeat. Trevor and Co. know how to develop the athlete the right way."

verified-athlete-avatar Douglas Crawford

NCAA D2 Lacrosse

Verified Athlete

"Joining TCT as an athlete means everything to me when I think about what is needed to succeed. Non stop hard work, constant determination of a goal, and having joined with a family of amazing people makes this opportunity so sweet. Coach Trev knows how to lead his athlete to the highest levels."

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TCT Lacrosse Blueprint
TCT Lacrosse Blueprint
TCT Lacrosse Blueprint
TCT Lacrosse Blueprint