Sarah Scholl

Tactical / Military
Sarah Scholl

Intelligently designed strength and conditioning program, with an intense focus on compound lifts, calisthenics, running, loaded carries and grunt work( with optional swimming and rucking every week). This program will increase your strength, improve endurance, work capacity and your ability to endure difficult tasks. Most importantly, this program will keep you healthy, correct imbalances and will NOT burn you out! Any program can make you sweat and make you sore, but not every program can make you stronger, more durable and overall an indestructible force.  

5 sessions per week
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Team Training
Squat Rack Barbell PlatesDumbbells Kettlebells sand bag ( round and long sandbags) pull up bar jump box climbing rope assault bike rowing machine jump rope track 
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HeRO ( High Risk Occupation) Training
HeRO ( High Risk Occupation) Training
HeRO ( High Risk Occupation) Training
HeRO ( High Risk Occupation) Training