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This program is specifically designed for the tactical athlete looking to increase readiness through proven principles and methods. The tactical athlete does not have a season or an off season. The aim of this program is to develop absolute strength through the conjugate tactical method, an aerobic base, speed and injury prevention. The tactical athlete must be able to carry odd objects, walk with a ruck sack and use short bursts of energy to sprint. This program is designed with practicality not sexiness.

What this program is not: This is not a selection prep program, but we do recommend it as a starting point to create a general base of fitness before moving onto specificity. This is not CrossFit. This is not a program developed to make you the strongest or the fastest. It is created to make you strong enough and fast enough to do your job on a moments notice.

Many programs have the word "tactical" in front of it. We have seen a "tactical powerlifting, "tactical body building" and "tactical running" program.

We believe simplicity is key, but we will add some fun things in so you don't become bored.

Finally, this is "A Way, Not The Way".

Operationally Proven
Programmed by current active duty members who understand the physical demands required of the tactical athlete. Train optimally by keeping it simple and effective.
Strength Training
We utilize the conjugate method to develop your strength while keeping you at about 85-90% of your max lifts at any given day. The tactical athlete doesn't have a "season" They have to be ready at a moments notice.
Aerobic Base
We develop a solid Aerobic base. It is imperative that you can get to where you need to go and still perform when you get there. This entails some long, boring, yet sustainable training.
Im up, he sees me I'm down. Sprint to cover, return fire and sprint to cover or a wounded battle buddy to administer first aid. Short bursts of speed is necessary, but you don't know when it will be needed.
Odd Object Conditioning
Lets face it. How many times have you had to move awkward equipment in training or on a deployment? You have equipment, but it needs to be moved either a short distance or long distance and it is not light. We will have you do plenty of loaded carries.
Programming 5 days per week
Daily strength, conditioning, and skill training that’s accessible and challenging for athletes of any level or background
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Delivered through an app that was built with you in mind. .
barbell // number plates // rings // pull up bar // sandbags // dumbbells and kettlebells // bike or rower // sleds // rucksack // a rope // a box
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Sample Week
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coach-avatar Brandon

Brandon is the Co-Owner and head coach of True North Athletics. He's an active duty member of the U.S Army and has a passion for developing military and law enforcement personnel for duty.

Be an Asset Not a Liability

You owe it to your family and your nation to be physically and mentally ready for when the US calls on you.

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Is this like CrossFit?
You can say this is similar to Crossfit, but it is a little more specific, with a focus on the compound lifts and limits high skill movements.
Will this improve my ruck marching and running?
Yes. By design it will help both of those things, and there will be built In running and rucking days. However, if you really need to work on one or the other you will have to do something more specific to those two things.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Josh

Increased strength and work capacity.

Verified Athlete

"Highly recommend."

verified-athlete-avatar Gabe

Increased aerobic base.

Verified Athlete

"Loving the program so far my dudes."

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Tactical Asset Team
Tactical Asset Team
Tactical Asset Team
Tactical Asset Team