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Dylan Noell

No one exercise or movement philosophy is the best for everyone. Each training style has different focuses & benefits that we intend to exploit through “Striving for Balance”. The quintessential training balance for health combines functional strength, muscle mass & endurance, & cardiorespiratory fitness. In order to accomplish this, the system balances its tools through a diverse use of free weights, resistance bands, & your own body weight in a range of environments. Through consistent movement, “Striving for Balance” can help you create an improved quality of life & bring your body to an optimal state that supports your lifestyle & goals.

6 sessions per week
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Team Training
Barbell // Dumbbells // Your Own Bodyweight // Something to Jump On or Over // Flat Bench //Resistance Bands (Long & Short) // OR Full Gym
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Sample Week
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Striving for Balance
Striving for Balance
Striving for Balance
Striving for Balance