Sprint Club

Sprint Club

Kalvin Davis and Tomas Fernandez

Embark on your BMX training adventure with our Sprint Club. This entry-level package delivers a solid foundation with twice-a-week sprint training programs, sent directly to your phone. Enhance your routine with a weekly supplemental exercise focusing on physical or mental conditioning. Plus, gain exclusive access to the Sprint Club's vibrant chat and community features. Sprint Club is your gateway to speed, offering the essential tools to power up your BMX riding journey!

  • Early access price $10/mo
  • Price will move to $15/mo in the future
  • If you purchase early access your rate will remain $10/mo as long as you are a member of Sprint Club.
Tailored Sprint Programs
Tired of the guesswork? Our expertly crafted sprint programs take the confusion out of training. Say goodbye to uncertainty about type, distance, intensity, and frequency – Sprint Club provides you with a clear roadmap to elevate your sprint game.
Track Your Progress
Keeping tabs on your sprint progress has never been easier. Our app not only allows you to tick off completed sprints but also maintains a detailed record of every sprint you've conquered since joining the program. Track your growth, celebrate your achievements, and stay motivated on your BMX journey.
Community Support
BMX might be an individual sport, but success thrives in community. Sprint Club brings riders together, providing the support, camaraderie, and training partners you need to reach new heights. With Sprint Club behind you, you're not just racing; you're part of a winning team.
Programming 2 days per week
This entry-level package delivers a solid foundation with twice-a-week sprint training programs, sent directly to your phone.
Mental Exercises
Structured mental training exercises to shake those jitters on the starting gate.
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to guide your BMX sprinting practice and make execution easy.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Sprint Club is BMX training delivered straight to your phone.
BMX Racing Bike // Safe Sprinting Area
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
12 Sprints - Static Start and Roll-in Start - 6x15, 6x20


Sprint - Static Start - 15 Pedals

6 x 90


Sprint - Roll-In Start - 20 Pedals

6 x 120

12 Sprints - Static Start and Tactical Static Start - 2x5, 10x15-5-10


Sprint - Static Start - 5 Pedals

2 x 30


Tactical Sprint - Static Start - 15-5-10

10 x 180

coach-avatar Kalvin Davis

I have raced BMX for 23 years continuously. Since 9 years old, I've had unwavering commitment to BMX. With 10 years of training specifically beginners I know how to develop core competency. I am ready to infuse your training with experience and a contagious love for the sport. As Co-Founder of Sprint Club, I am here to make every ride count.

coach-avatar Tomas Fernandez

I don't even know a life without BMX racing. I have raced for 30 years and never taken a break. I have raced at every level and pro classification of the sport. As a teen I traveled with Bubba Harris' Supercamp and coached hundreds of clinics. My BMX story is rich. As Co-Founder of Sprint Club I bring a direct approach and a genuine love for the sport. Let's make every ride count together.

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Sprint Club isn’t just about accessing top-tier BMX programs; it's about embedding the spirit of BMX into your daily routine. We’re for riders ready to commit, ready to excel, and ready to embrace the rigor of the race.

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The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Dennis Viner

Mid 30's BMX racer

Verified Athlete

"I can start to feel the benefit of these sessions. I was pulling away from some young guns out of the first 30 feet that I used to not be able to."

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When you join a team you’re getting more than programming, you’re joining an online community.

Sprint Club
Sprint Club
Sprint Club