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Lee Smith

Bored of your current training programme?

Looking for a different spin on your development?

Looking for professional advice and methods on becoming the most powerful, fastest, strongest person you can be?

Then join the Inner Athlete Squad!

I'll guide you through various science-backed training stimuli designed to improve all aspects of athleticism - from strength, power and injury prevention, all the way to enhanced cardiovascular fitness. You don't even have to be a professional athlete or even semi-pro.

Want to gain a performance edge at your local tennis club? Looking to drive the golf ball an extra 30 yards than your mates? Looking to decrease your running times and break a few Personal Bests?

This programming schedule has you covered. Take the guesswork out and put yourself through a solid programme created by a professional strength coach who has assisted some of the best athletes in the world. It's also one of the cheapest programmes on Train Heroic, and that's not because it is of poor quality. This is a new programme/community and as a bonus of joining this early, it's only $15 per month.

So give the 7 day free trial a whirl!

Increase Strength
All sporting movements, and life for that matter, involve how you interact with the environment around you. One of our basic human abilities is being able to produce force when it counts. Developing strength is the foundation of any movement we do - whether that's sprinting for the ball, hitting harder, or simply running for the bus!
Develop Power
Powerful actions can separate the winners from the losers. If you've already tried strength training (see the Beginner programme at the bottom if not), then the different types of power training you'll undertake will massively increase your explosiveness. We'll go through various phases of power stimuli, so boredom and repetitiveness is kept at bay.
Speed Kills
From developing strength and power on this programme, your acceleration and agility will improve no end. Build a solid athletic framework with the ability to execute skills and reflexes at the drop of a hat. Whether you're a recreational sporting hobbiest, or a professional athlete, the methods used will offer a brilliant cocktail of athletic enhancement.
Decrease Injuries
There's nothing worse than having to sit on the sidelines whilst everyone else around you is having fun. A more athletic body means a more resilient structure designed to combat physical (and often mental) stress. Say bye bye to bad backs and pinged hamstrings. This programme has you covered.
Boost Confidence
Developing your body and physical performance will only bring more confidence. Proving to yourself that you can commit, dedicate and challenge yourself is not only an accomplishment in itself, but a brilliant way of boosting mood. Several studies have highlighted the importance of a properly structured training plan's positive effects on mental health.
Programming 5 days per week
Strength, power and conditioning that’s accessible and challenging for athletes of any level or background.
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy
Detailed, expert instruction
Coaches who will hold you accountable and provide the feedback you need to grow
Committed Teammates
A vibrant community that will keep you pushing to unlock your best
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Sweating over a lifeless PDF is so last year. Your coach and team will push you harder, know you better, and keep you going longer.
Access to a kitted out gym (or decent home gym)
Barbell // Dumbbells // Kettlebells
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Lee Smith

From training thousands of clients of all levels, I have honed my skills and methods to maximise physical performance. My academic background involves a BSc in Strength and Conditioning & MSc in Sports Medicine, alongside various accreditations. My experiences include assisting elite youth athletes at professional sporting clubs, UK professional fighters and Olympic/Paralympic Gold Medalists.

Cancel at any time!

If you're not acheiving the results that you'd hoped for, then it's really easy to cancel your subscription. However, if you follow the advice and the programme as detailed, I have no doubt that you'll be leaving your current self in the dust!

Start My 7-Day Free Trial
Do I need experience in the gym to join the Inner Athlete Squad (IAS)?
I would advise that having some experience in the gym is needed to safely execute some of the exercises and stimuli provided. However, if you have limited gym training then please check out the Beginner Programme that supports the IAS (link at the bottom of this page).
Is all the training in the gym?
Yes, the majority of the sessions will need to be performed in the gym. This could also be a home gym, provided you have a good variety of equipment.
Will i build too much muscle on this programme?
How much is 'too much'? Will you build muscle? Certainly. Will you build so much that you'll be too slow and sluggish? Absolutely not. Muscle will shape your body. But how you look is irrelevant here. You're not training to look good, you're training to be a badass athlete. And athletes look good!
Is this programme good for fat loss?
Every programme is good for fat loss. Hell, even people who aren't training can still lose fat. If your sole focus is to lose fat, then concentrate on what you're doing in the kitchen (I can help here). Let this programme sort out all the other stuff that simply eating better doesn't give you.
What does the IAS programme involve?
It's a weekly mixture of power, strength, hypertrophy & energy systems training all wrapped into a single week. Different exercises are introduced every 4 weeks (I've found over the years that changing exercises every 4 weeks decreases training monotony whilst still achieving solid adaptations).
This is one of the cheapest training programs on TH. Why is that?
Yes, the price of something should reflect the type of quality and expertise of a product. However, this programme can cater to a large majority of individuals who might not be able to afford the higher priced options. I want to help as many people as possible and this is a brilliant scalable app.
How long is each session?
Sessions typically take anywhere from 45-60 mins. If these sessions take longer than that, then you're probably resting a little too long between sets.
What if I miss a session?
Then crack on as usual the next day. It's not about nailing every session. It's about being 90% consistent in the long run. That's what gets you fantastic results!
Why should I trust you instead of all the other online trainers?
You shouldn't trust me, yet. Trust is earned. One way I can build that trust is by you jumping in and giving the programme a go. Try it for free for 7 days. Then you'll know if it's worth your time or not.
What if I can't do some of the exercises?
That's another reason I'm here - helping to guide and coach you. As long as you communicate with me (which you can do via the app), then I've got your back. We'll always find something that works for you.
What training methods does the IAS use?
"Many roads lead to Rome". Research shows that a variety of different stimuli is needed to consistently cause the body to adapt and develop. Over the years I have found many different methods that work really well, which I'll take you through over the phases.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Angelo Noto

Physical Performance Coach

Verified Athlete

"I've worked with Lee for several years and I fancied a change from my own training program. The app is brilliant at tracking all of your lifts and I'm actually loving the variety each session has to offer. I'd highly recommend giving it a go. Top work!"

verified-athlete-avatar Byron Bowden-Pickstock

Senior Paramedic

Verified Athlete

"I completed the Beginner programme first and then went on to the IAS. It's more complex than the Beginner programme but definitely an enjoyable plan. It's keeping me fit and healthy as I lead a pretty activity lifestyle. You can definitely feel the changes coming on!"

verified-athlete-avatar Tonia Hart

Recruitment Consultant

Verified Athlete

"I'm certainly no professional athlete but I do enjoy playing various sports. The training is well structured and very easy to follow. It's nice to get back in to proper training again."

verified-athlete-avatar Rob Scholten

Fan of moving heavy things...

Verified Athlete

"I'm no stranger to lifting heavy, but this is the first time I've used an app for guidance. I was sceptical at first, but it's great to use. Lee is a solid coach with a lot of experience, and you can tell from conversations with him."

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Inner Athlete Squad
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