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This programme is designed for triathletes who are looking to remove the guesswork from the strength training, and lift for two days a week. We all know we should be doing some kind of strength work in the gym, but as athletes who spend most of our time outside, the gym can feel like a confusing and overwhelming place. Should we be doing front squats or back squats? How much rest should we take between sets and reps? Which exercises are safe for us to perform?

Our programme is more than a list of sets and reps, it's a chance to share with our community of like minded athletes, ask Simon your questions and engage in a bit of friendly competition with our leaderboards. We also have a selection of triathlon training plans available on, as well as a selection of bespoke products on sale via

Reduce Injury Risk
The key to triathlon success is consistency, and the enemy of consistency is injury. Our exercise selection is designed to target important supporting muscle groups which tend to be neglected, such as the glute medius and rotator cuff muscles. This allows you to spend more time training, as well as saving a small fortune on physiotherapy.
Unlock the next level of performance
More strength helps you push more water back with each stroke, push more power on the bike, and push off the ground more explosively. Combining maximal strength work with power and muscular endurance allows us to improve our performance across the board.
Futureproof your triathlon participation
None of us are getting any younger, and with age comes comes barriers to our triathlon participation in the form of injury, muscle loss and reduced power output. While we can't stop these processes entirely, we can dramatically slow them with a strength and conditioning programme. Following this plan will help ensure that you can stay in the sport for many years to come.
Engage with the community
Triathletes are competitive by nature. Want to see how your squat stacks up against other triathletes? Looking for the motivation to push your plank out that bit longer? Want to share your progress and race results with other dedicated triathletes? Our community chat within the TrainHeroic app will help you engage with a community, no matter where or when you train.
Excel at home and at work
Nobody ever regretted having a bit more strength. Whether you want to develop an edge in a physical job, maintain good posture and focus during long hours sat at a desk, or simply develop the strength to keep playing with your kids/grandkids as they get older, the quality of life benefits of this programme extend far beyond race day.
Programming 2 days per week
Two sessions a week are enough to elicit the gains we're looking for in the weight room, without overhsadowing your swimming, cycling and running.
Exercise Video Guidance
High quality instructional videos including coaching points to ensure you're executing the exercise correctly and safely.
British Triathlon High Perorming Coach
Sessions are written by Simon Olney, experienced in helping both age group and professional athletes achieve their triathlon goals.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Sessions sent straight to your smartphone, including coaching points and how the exercise improves your triathlon performance
Barbell // Dumbbells // Resistance Bands
Medicine ball (slammable) // Sled
sample week banner image
Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready


Banded Ankle Dorsiflexion Mobilization

1 x 0:30


Band Pull-Apart

1 x 12


Overhead Squat

3 x 3 @ 5


Medicine Ball Slam

3 x 12 @ 6


Front Squat

3 x 10 @ 7


Sumo Deadlifts

3 x 5 @ 9


Paloff Press

3 x 0:30 @ 11.02 kg


Dead Bug

3 x 12




1 x 10


Side Lying External Rotation

3 x 12 @ 5


Box Jump

3 x 12 @ 5


DB Bench Press

3 x 5 @ 8



3 x 12


DB Lateral Raise

3 x 12 @ 7


Side Plank

2 x 1:00

coach-avatar Simon Olney

An award winning British Triathlon High Performing Coach, IRONMAN certified coach, certified nutrition coach and Level 3 personal trainer, Simon has experience helping amateur and professional athletes alike achieve their triathlon goals, whether that is completing their first sprint triathlon or racing in Kona.

Your shortcut to the podium

We all know we should be doing some strength work, but it can feel confusing and overwhelming. At Phazon Triathlon we take the guesswork out of your gym routine to help you make next season your best ever.

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What if I can't complete the prescribed reps of the exercises?
This isn't a problem at all. I can provide regressions for each exercise. For example, if you are unable to complete the prescribed number of press ups, we can use elevated press ups instead. We can slowly lower the height of the box over time, until we can smash out sets of full press ups
What is the best time of year to start this programme?
It is never too early or late to get strong! As we have different athletes in different hemispheres attempting different goals at different times of year, we do not periodise the programme in a traditional sense, and instead aim for a rounded approach all year.
Won't the workouts compromise my swim/bike/run sessions?
The aim of our sessions is never to have an impact on your aerobic training sessions, but this is obviously a risk, especially for athletes new to the gym. You can prevent DOMS by extending your warm up, increasing the weight gradually to start, and making sure you get lots of protein in your diet.
Can you also write my swim, bike and run training?
Yes, absolutely. Visit for full details.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Alexander

18 year old Ironman finisher

Verified Athlete

"I can safely say I would not have finished Ironman Bolton, nor got a time I’m proud of without the support of Simon"

verified-athlete-avatar Chris Sykes

IRONMAN Vichy finisher

Verified Athlete

"Choosing to work with Simon was by far the best decision that I have ever made regarding triathlons"

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