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Adam Robinson

Hypertrophy training is designed to help develop your muscles. It looks to help increase the size of the muscle fibres and growing the overall muscle tissue.

Achieving the above is sometimes more difficult than it sounds.That's where Perform For Sport can help. Our S&C coaches have designed a gym based plan to help both athletes and gym-goers alike maximise muscle growth and size while building strength and robustness along the way.

The first thing that must be said is if you want to follow the Hypertrophy porgramme correctly you need to commit! Building muscle is tough but if you stick the course over a 12+ week programme you can put yourself in the perfect position to make long lasting gains.

Perform For Sport: Hypertrophy is a 4 x per week programme (2 x Lower, 2 x Upper body focused plans) which updates every 4 x weeks but fits within 8-12 week blocks.

This programme is ideal for athletes who feel they want to build muscle (particularly in the off-season) or for gym-goers who need some structure, guidance and progression with their workouts.. Following this structured S&C plan combined with some quality nutrition can really leave you in better shape than before!

Lower & Upper body focused
While this programme is not a traditional 'split-routine' it does put focus across 4 x day on separating lower and upper body, to help plan your schedule and maximise recovery between session. With a combination of core work throughout the week this plan can help all round muscle strength, growth and robustness.
Guidance with reps, sets, tempo and rest
This programme will guide you through everything you need to help plan, structure and progress your weekly training. We'll encourage you to decide on the correct weight to maintain the correct form, and manipulate tempo to ensure you are getting the most out of each set and each rep in order to maximise gains.
Hard work made simple
Resistance training should be a big part of anyone's weekly training routine, whether competing in sport or not. This programme takes the guess work our of training and allows you to turn up to the weight room and focus on putting the work in. Follow the plan week after week and see the results build.
Programming 4 days per week
4 x days training per week including warm ups, mobility, strength as well as all the qualities to improve and build muscle.
Exercise Video Guidance
All the instructional videos have been demonstrated by the Perform For Sport coaching team to ensure every athletes knows what to do.
Detailed, expert instruction
As well as the sets, reps and tempo in which exercises need to be performed. We'll ensure you have all the details to maximise your training.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Perform For Sport uses the best training app available to ensure our youth athletes get the best possible support throughout.
Barbell // Dumbbells // Kettlebells // Resistance Bands // Mini-Bands
Sled/Prowler // TRX/Gym Rings // Stability Ball
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Sample Week
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coach-avatar Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson is the Owner and Head Coach at Perform For Sport which supports athletes from all over the East of England, from professionals, semi-professionals to aspiring young athletes. Adam is also the Head S&C Coach at Ipswich Basketball Academy as well as holding roles within the Great Britain set up.

Build muscle & strength

Follow a structured plan 4 x per week focusing on lower and upper body strength with hypertrophy as the main goal. Commit, work hard and consistently train over an extended period of time to see some awesome improvements in both muscle and strength.

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Who is this training for?
Anyone who wants to build muscle. Whether an elite athlete or a regular gym goer this programme can be used by you. The aim is to support anyone who wants to build muscle, overall strength, avoid injury and follow a structured plan in the gym.
Do I have to have done strength training before?
No. The programme, though varied and gym specific, is designed so any and all levels can pick it up easily. Plus the Perfrom For Sport coaching staff are always on hand through the TrainHeroic app to help advise, modify and specify programmes when needed.
How often is the programme updated?
The Perform For Sport programme is updated every week, though we follow 6-12 week training blocks, so sometimes programmes are uploaded in advance to help with progressive training and structure. This means it's possible to jump in at any point and start training.
What do you mean by training blocks?
Training blocks are a set amount of time in which programmes last for. Usually to maximise adaptation programmes last from anywhere to 4-12 weeks, though will always be progressive in their design to constantly make improvements.
Are the programmes easy to follow?
Yes. All our programmes are designed to be easy to pick up. The TrainHeroic app also adds extra ease with video demonstrations and access to the coaching staff via the in app messaging service.
How many times per week should I train?
The programme always has 4 x training sessions per week uploaded,. The more you can train the better, but the programme is designed to suit you. However many sessions suits you is what we recommend committing too. Our advise is just to stay as consistent as possible!
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Perform For Sport - Hypertrophy
Perform For Sport - Hypertrophy
Perform For Sport - Hypertrophy
Perform For Sport - Hypertrophy