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Mira Edlund

Are you struggling to see results? It might be time to rethink your fitness approach.

Does this sound familiar?

  • The gym makes you anxious. You feel like you have no idea what to do or how to use the equipment.
  • You have wasted time and money on ineffective quick-fix programs that promise you the world but never works.
  • You've plateaued with your training/progress and aren't sure how to move forward.

I’ve been there too!

Through my journey, I've uncovered a straightforward approach to achieving a muscular, resilient, and confident body. It's not about complicated methods or extravagant programs; it's about understanding your body, a good researched based program and embracing a holistic approach to fitness.

If you are worried about the cost of getting started, consider the price of staying exactly the way you are. You are the most valuable investment you will ever make!

So, if you're ready to sculpt your dream body, shed unwanted fat, and move with confidence, join me and my supportive community of women on the same empowering journey!

Welcome to our Women's Physique Program!
For just $25 USD a month (approximately $10 AUD per week), you gain access to a dynamic women's physique program updated every 4 weeks. Whether you're a beginner or been doing it for years, this program is tailored to all fitness levels. Each exercise is accompanied by detailed instructions and a video demonstration, ensuring confidence in your movements. This isn't just another downloadable PDF!
Why Invest?
For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week, you can transform your gym routine. Time is money, and if you find yourself struggling for results or entering the gym with uncertainty, this program is a game-changer. Build confidence both inside and outside the gym, and turn training into a sustainable lifestyle, not just an 8-week quick fix.
Join Our Community of Empowered Women
When you sign up, you become part of a vibrant community of like-minded women following the same training plan simultaneously. This community is more than just a workout hub – it's a space for extraordinary women like yourself to connect, share experiences, and uplift one another. Consider this group a safe haven where inspirational women support each other on their unique fitness journeys .
Consistency is Key
Achieving lasting results requires consistency. Our program not only makes gym sessions exciting but also encourages regularity. With four diverse workout sessions (including an optional one), finding a couple of hours each week becomes an achievable commitment. You've got this!
Access to your coaches
You'll have direct access to me via the group chat and private message to ask any questions you may have and get direct feedback about your training!
Programming 4 days per week
Strength, conditioning, and skill training that’s accessible and challenging for women of any level or background
As a community member, you'll both inspire and be inspired. We're a true team, supporting and pushing each other every step of the way!
Exercise Video Guidance
Each exercise comes with a tutorial video which shows you how to execute each lift, so you can target muscles and increase strength effectively!
Detailed, expert instruction
Coaches who will hold you accountable and provide the feedback you need to grow
Committed Teammates
Join a great community of women who will keep you pushing to unlock the best version of you!
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Sweating over a lifeless PDF is so last year. Your coach and team will push you harder, and keep you going longer, all through an app.
Dumbbells // Barbells // Gym Machines // Cable Machines
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Mira Edlund

Head Coach / Director Peake Girls I'm passionate about coaching, training, and inspiring women to be their best selves. So excited to support you in your individual training journey and I can't wait to help you crush your goals!

It is possible!!

Building your dream body is well within your reach. Save yourself from years of spinning your wheels and start building muscle, losing fat and increasing your strength today with an incredibly affordable coaching experience!

Start My 7-Day Free Trial
How many weekly workouts will there be?
Each week, the program includes four gym workouts, and the fourth workout is optional for those with more time
How long will the workouts take?
Generally, workouts should take approximately 45-75 minutes. The use of supersets makes these workouts far more efficient.
What if I'm new to the gym?
No worries at all! Watch the video tutorials, follow the instructions and ask me for feedback. I'm always here to help!
How much communication do I get with Mira?
As much as you want! Utilise the TrainHeroic messaging feature! Whether you have quick questions, need detailed advice, want to share form check videos, or just seek some motivation, I'm here to support and encourage you every step of the way!
What if I don't know how to perform specific movements?
No worries! You'll have access to instructional videos, detailed notes, & valuable tips. I highly encourage you to share form-check videos, which I'll personally review. My aim is to ensure you never feel unprepared at the gym. I'll equip you with the tools for success and confidence in your lifts!
Does it include nutritional guidance/coaching?
The $10 AUD/week membership doesn't include nutritional coaching. For a more personalised support, including 24/7 coaching, individualised plans, weekly check-ins, face-to-face coaching option, and more, contact me at or @mira.edlund on Instagram and we'll have a chat!
Join Your Virtual Gym

When you join a team you’re getting more than programming, you’re joining an online community.

Get Fit With - Peake Girls
Get Fit With - Peake Girls
Get Fit With - Peake Girls
Get Fit With - Peake Girls