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Paragon Training Methods

Strength & Conditioning, Bodybuilding, Functional Fitness
Laurie Christine King (LCK) and Bryan Boorstein

Frustrated with not achieving your goals?

Feel like your body doesn't reflect all your hard work?

Or maybe you're feeling beat down, burnt out, and tired of being at war with your body?

This was me in 2017. I was burnt out on high-intensity exercise and trying to bounce back from years of under eating and over training. I just wanted to feel good, look fit, and have fun in the gym -- I KNEW there had to be a better way.

I hired one of the best coaches in the industry (Bryan Boorstein) and we worked together to find a more sustainable approach to training. When I was back on my feet and looking/feeling better than ever, we knew we had to share it w/ the world.

In 2018, Paragon Training Methods was born.

We've changed thousands of lives with our remote workouts, online training community, and unique approach to nutrition/fitness. You'll have access to 8 different programs, & we have workouts for all goals, skill levels, and time constaints.

I can't wait for our workouts to change your life like they've changed mine!


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Physique Programs //
Our most popular lifting + bodybuilding-focused workouts for those who want to look and feel their best. Choose between: 3-Day Physique, 4-Day Physique, & Dumbbell Physique.
Performance Programs //
For our CrossFit peeps, endurance runners, Olympic weightlifters, Peloton and cardio lovers, and our athletes combining lifting with other sports & hobbies. Choose between: Strength/Metcon or Cardio/Lift.
At-Home/DB-Only Programs //
Working out from home or with minimal equipment doesn’t HAVE to mean getting “less” of a workout. You can still build muscle, achieve your goals, and look/feel your best! Choose between 30-Min Dumbbell Quickie, Dumbell Physique, & Dumbbell Cardio/Lift.
Professional Guidance from LCK & Bryan
Ask nutrition/fitness questions or post form check videos and get immediate + detailed coaching responses from 2 of the best coaches in the industry
Programming 4 days per week
Fun + effective workouts you can do from home or in a gym to reach your goals and look/feel great in just 30-90 min/day.
Access to Free Nutrition/Fitness Resources
Free access to detailed guides and resources, like our Pregnancy/PP Movement Substitution and Modification Guide, Macro Tracking Guide, & More
Detailed Workouts & Workout Guidance
Our app is loaded w/ instructions, movement demo videos, and workout tips so you know exactly how to follow our workouts + perform lifts correctly
Unmatched Community Support
from our massive online community of likeminded individuals (who are just like you!)
Delivered Via Train Heroic
Easily view workouts, track your progress, and keep tabs on things like your sleep, recovery, and more.
At-Home Programs: Dumbbells, Bench // Full Gym Programs: Barbell, DB's, Bench, Squat Rack
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Laurie Christine King (LCK)

LCK is a nutrition/fitness coach and industry leader with a formal education in Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and 15+ years coaching experience. She's helped thousands of women take back their power, fall in love their body, and be unapologetically strong, confident, and well-fed.

coach-avatar Bryan Boorstein

Bryan is our Programming Expert. With 25+ years of training experience and a passion for nerding out over movement + research studies, Bryan brings an incredibly unique approach to exercise. Workouts are not only backed by science, but effectively help people reach their goals (and look/feel great while doing it).

You DONT have to spend life at war with your body.

The way you eat & exercise should provide freedom and peace of mind. We've changed thousands of lives since 2018 - we can't wait to change yours!

Get Paragon Membership (All Programs)
How does Paragon Work?
Paragon = evidence-based workouts delivered via an app that you can do in 30-90 min/day to build muscle, achieve your goals, and look/feel great! You'll have access to 8 different workout programs, tons of free nutrition/fitness resources, and 24/7 coaching support from LCK/Bryan, & Paragon Coaches.
What gym equipment do I need?
Full Gym Programs: barbell, DB's, squat rack, and bench. You also have the option in programming to use cables and machines, if you want to. At-Home//DB-Only Programs: a bench + a minimum of 2-3 pairs of dumbbells (but the more the merrier)
How many workout days are programmed each week?
Most of our programs revolve around training 4 days per week, with the option for a 5th training day. We also have options for those short on time, such as our 3-Day Physique program and 30-min DB Quickie program.
How long will workouts take?
Most of our workouts will take 60-75 min. If short on time, DB Quickie workouts are 30-min. 3-Day Physique workouts are 90-min, as training volume is about the same as our 4-Day Physique program (and less days in the gym doesn't have to mean less of a workout!)
What if I'm working out from home or don't have much equipment?
No sweat! You'd love our At-Home // Dumbbell-Only programs! All you need is a few pairs of DB's. DB Quickie is a 30 minute program. DB Physique is for those who love strength training and bodybuilding and want to look their best. DB Cardio/Lift is for our people who love lifting AND cardio.
What if I'm new to lifting?
Peep our 30-min DB Quickie program! DB’s = a little easier to learn how to move and lift. 30-min workouts = less movements to learn, so workouts will likely seem a little less overwhelming. Once you’re feeling a little more comfortable, you could consider switching to one of our 60-min programs.
What if I don't know how to perform a movement or lift?
No sweat! We have over 400+ movement demo videos uploaded into our app. Each workout section will have movement tips + videos so you'll know exactly how to perform the workout and each lift. You can also get instant feedback from the Paragon team if you post a form check video!
What if I'm short on time and won't be able to finish a workout?
If in a busy season of life, you might consider following our 30-min DB Quickie workout until life slows down a little. Alternatively, you could just prioritize completing parts A/B/C of your workout, as those are typically the repeating movements (aka the "meat and potatoes" of the programming).
Does Paragon include support for Mommas during Pregnancy / Postpartum?
Of course! All Paragon members will have access to our Pregnancy/PP Movement Modification & Substitution Guide. We also regularly share educational content and resources from @TheMintPRJCT. Members also get a discount if they wish to purchase Mint PRJCT's Birth-Back-to-Gym program.
Does Paragon include Nutrition Coaching / Nutrition Guidance?
Our subscription grants you access to workouts, free nutrition/fitness resources, & coaching support from the Paragon team. We love answering nutrition questions, but if seeking 1:1 coaching, that service typically runs $150-300+/mo and isn't included in our super affordable $49 subscription (:
What if I love CrossFit, Olympic lifting, etc?
Paragon Strength/Metcon = our take on a more sustainable approach to functional fitness. All the things you love: strength training, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, fun metcon pieces … but put together in a way that won’t leave you feeling beatdown + burnout. It has quite the cult following!
What if I love long distance running and/or riding my Peloton?
Our Cardio/Lift + DB Cardio/Lift programs are for you! 3 days of strength training + 2 potential cardio days (you can run, row, bike, swim, etc). On cardio days, you can choose between sprint work, steady-state cardio, hop in a Peloton class, or follow your own endurance race training.
What if I have nutrition, fitness, and/or programming questions?
Post them in the App Chat or Community group - we always give detailed coaching responses! Paragon is an evidence-based, education-focused company. We believe that education = empowerment. It’s a lot easier to DO something when you understand the “how" or “why” behind WHY you’re doing something.
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When you join a team you’re getting more than programming, you’re joining an online community.

Paragon Membership (All Programs)
Paragon Membership (All Programs)
Paragon Membership (All Programs)
Paragon Membership (All Programs)