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verified-athlete-avatar Bryce Windham

Chicago Cubs Organization

Verified Athlete

"Training with Jon has made my body feel, at game 140, the same as opening day. Learning to move the way the body is designed to move has allowed me to compete at a high level without the worry of non contact injuries keeping me off the field."

verified-athlete-avatar Ellie Sieler

University of Michigan Softball

Verified Athlete

"Coach Jon's knowledge and training methods are very beneficial to athletes, and it is very evident that he is passionate about what he does. He gives 110% into what he believes is best for his athletes."

verified-athlete-avatar Noah Beaudrie

Mount Union Football

Verified Athlete

"LevelUp Training has taken me to the next level. I started in 6th grade, and now entering my sophomore year of college, it has helped me in all aspects of my game. Coach Jon has helped me reach my athletic goals. If you get the chance, train with him and LevelUp!"

verified-athlete-avatar Heidi Linsenmyer

Adult Bootcamp Member

Verified Athlete


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